Lizzy Hewitt

Lizzy Hewitt

Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

About Lizzy Hewitt

Lizzy Hewitt
Artist’s Statement:

Painting ‘landscapes with feeling’ inspires me. I’m interested in landscapes that have a human element, evoke emotions and are not merely representational. I like art that goes deeper and expresses something, so my paintings become a study of the soul and the human condition. Finding out what it means t be human and exploring our own emotions, a sort of self-analysis, that every viewer can relate too. My ‘Be Free’ Seascape exemplifies freedom; a woman is running in the waves with the wind in her hair.

I’m working on a series of portraits of my heroes, admirations and inspirations. People I love and admire particularly from my interest in music and popular culture, the pretty and the beautiful, alive and dead. I’m interested in capturing the feeling of beauty and the feeling of presence in a pared-down style; the character and the psyche without all the unnecessary details.

I’m drawn towards pictures of the ‘charmed’ and ‘damned’ of yesterday and today. Figures in their youth and beauty at the moment of time they inhabit before they are about to fall.

Pop stars and musicians that have a magical quality, beauty and grace with their own creativity and uniqueness that I hope to achieve. Figures in the public domains that are accessible to all and not just the elite.

Contemporary in subject and treatment, my creativity is expressed through the beauty of my subjects. I feel joy and exuberance painting in the medium of oil with its vibrant brush marks and luminous colours.

Portraiture is an act of celebration. I want to make a personal tribute to icons of the past and present, immortalizing them in paint for future generations to see. Giving viewers a picture of our time, and of themselves as reflected through the heroes of my painted faces.