Lucia Garcia Corrales

Lucia Garcia Corrales

Madrid, MADRID, Spain

About Lucia Garcia Corrales

Lucia G. Corrales earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting and Photography .

Lucia bases her work on the eternal pursuit of the beauty of the mysterious and waht produces suspense. Her work is located in between figuration and abstraction, trying to generate feelings of intrigue, isolation, melancholy and, at the same time, tranquility, calm and peace.

Her compositions start from visions and frames of reality that are intertwined with the imaginary and the memories. She seeks to arouse personal feelings in the viewer who, from his own experience and his imagination reinterprets each piece.

In her last series she is creating eternal and infinite places of distant horizons that are lost in the immensity of the landscape. They are not specific places, they are just sensations, memories, fragments of reality.

Lucia invites us through the textures and colours of the frozen nature to “A frozen place”: In the cold and hurricane intensity we find white and lonely places. Abstractions of landscapes where the viewer imagines a world in which happens stories and narratives that are frozen and trapped by ice. Distant, empty and unpopulated landscapes. Only the immensity and the thickness of the fog inhabit them along with the rawness of blue ice and the peaceful layers of snow that roam the waters of endless horizons. Mists seeping through the cracked ice flooding the endless seas of these frozen deserts.


Lucia gained a Fine Art (BA Hons) Degree at Complutense University of Madrid


Solo exhibitions:
"Architectural Atmospheres". Local creation Gallery. Manchester (UK)
“Dublin, the city”. Dublin International Hostel, Dublin.

Group exhibitions:
"Masquelibros 2016" Artist Books Fair. Eugenio Trias, Casa de fieras Library of Madrid. Represented by Espacio Valverde Gallery.
Independent Art fair of Madrid
"El libro como" "The city". National Library of Spain
"Set in black". French Embassy in Madrid
“Grabado en danza”. University Complutense of Madrid.
“Hoja X hoja”. University Complutense of Madrid.