Laurence Winram

Laurence Winram

Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom

About Laurence Winram

All my images are copyrighted© and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Born in North East Scotland in 1968 and raised by wolves. Now based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My image ' The Watchers’, one of two finalists in the Saatchi showdown competition, was shown in the Saatchi gallery.

I have a number of projects that I am adding artworks to. My main current ongoing project is Mythoslogos - The ancient Greeks made sense of their world not only by logic but by myth too. They saw it was necessary to view things in these opposing ways in order to have a balanced understanding of their lives.

I feel we have moved out of that balance, unconsciously letting go of that mythic element to our lives. As a result we've lost touch with our own personal vision and creativity. We let a dogmatic scientific perspective rule everything, from our dreams to our notions of the spiritual.

So in this series I try to reflect on this, creating images that sometimes imagine a world where logic has been usurped by the mythical, or images that mock our need to analyse and break down those parts of our life that we should truly respond to more intuitively.

Here is a video link to a talk I gave on some of my MythosLogos images

Recently I've been exploring studio nude photography. I'm not interested in glamour in these images, I'm much more drawn to echoing the beauty of the female form within the context of the framing of the shot to create an abstract graphic quality. I Also use creative lighting often with projectors to enhance this.

Please view my personal work website or contact me if you would like to see more, or if you wish to purchase images you don't see here.

I am continually working on my projects but have not actively pursued gallery representation. If you are interested in exhibiting my work or representing me, please do contact me.


Salisbury College of Art 89 - 91,


Saatchi Showdown Finalist 2011 with 'The Watchers' on shown in Saatchi Gallery from 2011 - 2015


Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition
spring 2020
joint exhibition

Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition
November- December 2019
The Hare I on show

Scottish Portrait Awards 2019
two portraits 'Matt' and 'Michael'
Scottish Arts Club Edinburgh November 2019
Glasgow Arts club - Jan - Feb 2020
Kircudbright Gallery - March - May 2020

MythosLogos Exhibition at Waldorf Astoria Edinbugh April - June 2019

Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition
23rd June - 25th July 2018
'Watching' and 'Hazel Flew' on show. Several sales

New York Times, Art for Tomorrow exhibition in Doha Qatar
Conemen and Mythoslogos Exhibition inc. sales
12th - 15th March 2016

The Conemen and other stories - Edinburgh Travese Theatre August 2011