Marseille, Europe, France


The use of typically discarded materials comes from my interest to reuse, transform and the intrinsic desire to connect and find life.

I like to preserve a certain «otherness,» remaining in a disciplinary twilight zone between painting and sculpture. I paint with fabric that brings into my work a little nostalgia, a sensory and femenine experience that links perfectly with more masculine materials as iron, wood made structures. It also brings the tactile experiences of cutting, and tearing as well as the colors and contrasts of my Spanish roots… The colorful, baroque and almodovarian Spain and the mystic and austere one, a place where tragedy connects with lightness, where death is just a consequence of life.

Marta Santos. Marseille february 14th 2017


Born in Madrid (Spain). Graduated in Psychology by the University Autónoma de Madrid. She lives in France since 1993.

Plastic artist and sculptor, she starts her development in Madrid in 1986, learning the pastel technique at Betsy Westendorp’s studio. Later, she learns water color and ink techniques while living in New York for two years.

In 1993 Marta moves to live in Paris where she participates in contemporary painting courses at Lytfa Kujawski studio and drawing courses at the Ecole de Beaux Arts.

Her development as a sculptor, starts in 2001 at Paul Flury workshop (based in La Sagne, France), where she learns iron welding, the bronze process and wood sculpting. In 2005 she completes two residencies at the Contemporary Art Centre Cat Art, in the region of Ariege (France) where she prepares her first exhibition that takes place in Paris in November 2005.
Between 2005 and 2011 she had her home and workshop in Toulouse, France. Since 2012 Marta is based in Marseille, south of France, where she has her workshop


Solo Exhibitions:

2017-Chateau de Bugarach- Artistes a Suivre 2017 édition

2016- «Sous toutes les coutures», Pôle culturel des Comtes de Provence, Brignoles. France

2014- «Atando cabos», Galerie POC, Marseille. France

2013- Auditorio Municipal de Boadilla del Monte. Spain
2013- «Atando Cabos», Invisible Galerie, Marseille. France

2010- «Vuelta a casa», Instituto Cervantes, Toulouse. France

2008- Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse. France

Collective Exhibitions:

2016- Arts Vagabonds, Soreze. France
2016- «Rêver sa ville 1st edition», Beziers. France
2016- «Nature», POC Gallerie, Marseille. France
2016- «Je n’aime pas le bleue», Invisible Gallerie, Marseille. France

2015- «Vaya tela », Invisible Gallerie, Marseille. France

2014- « De face et de profil », Invisible Gallerie, Marseille. France

2013- Artistes a suivre, Haute Vallée de l’Aude. France (2013 edition)

2012- «Resonances». 3F Gallerie, Paris. France

2011- «La magie des suden», Gelsenkirchen. Germany
2011- Artistes a suivre, Haute Vallée de l ‘aude (2011 edition). France
2011- «Departs», Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse. France

2010- Artistes a suivre, Haute Vallée de l’Aude. France (2010 edition)
2010- Hotel de ventes St. Aubin Toulouse
2010- «Gritos desde el sur», Club de Golf Vieille Toulouse. France

2009- «La vuelta del arte», Cervera del Maestre, Spain
2009- «Arte contemporaneo europeo», MUCBE, Benicarlo, Spain
2009- «El dia del español » Instituto Cervantes, Toulouse. France


-September 2005: CatArt (contemporary art center), Ste Colombe sur l’Hers, France
-June 2012: Le printemps du Couvent a Le CouveNt, artist residency. Auzits. France