Mara Ruehl

Mara Ruehl

Nuernberg, Bayern, Germany

About Mara Ruehl

"Reduced to itself, our optical perception consists of shapes and colors. The mental content, i.e. their meaning, is only a subjective “.

I have been involved with painting since my early years. In order to meet my parents' demands for a "solid education", I compromised at that time to train as a graphic designer. This artistic profession was at that time much more "future-proof" for my family than studying art. And yet I was also able to realize my artistic ambitions with it. My tendency to constructivism is certainly partly due to my choice of profession at that time.

I spent the years 1995 to 2000 in Buenos Aires/Argentina and started to study free painting there. This led me to the desire to leave the commercial side of my profession behind and concentrate solely on the artistic aspect. After my return in 2000 I decided to work as a freelance artist in my own studio.

My complete work is to be assigned to color field painting. The theme that runs through all my work from the beginning is color. My central concern is to let it become present as my own pictorial reality. Although form has a certain significance for me, color is the absolute priority. For me, color is a living and changeable substance, which comes from the depth of the picture like a universal force. Color, freed from meaningful representation, is sufficient for itself, and its magic only really appears when the spirituality of the representational has also evaporated.
My first works were created between 1996 and 1999 in Argentina. The sea of colors of the folkloristic robes, the morning and evening moods in the pampas, in which the sky tones presented themselves in an unimaginable range of light colors, were perhaps the most lasting events for my work today.
Inspired by the bright colors of nature and the translucent and clear light colors of the sky, which merge softly and gracefully into each other without creating a mixed color, the color gradient became my obsession. To get closer to the colors of light, to paint ever softer, more flowing and tender, but equally in powerful bright colors, is my unique selling point and recognition feature and at the same time my intention.


Graphic Designer
Freelance Artist



Internationally private collections in Germany, Switzerland, USA


2019 Exhibition "L(ight)S(hadow)D(imension)", MR Gallery, Nuremberg
2019 Exhibition "Zwei auf einer Linie", MR Gallery, Nuremberg
2019 Participation "tatortatelier:19", Offene Ateliertage des BBK, BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2018 Gallery Artsleuth, Hongkong
2018 Exhibition "Die Würfel sind gefallen...", MR Gallery Nuremberg
2017     Participation "Eva's Töchter“ (G*), Museum Schwabach
2017     Participation 11th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“ (G*)
2017     Participation in " Stadt(ver)führungen ", Nürnberg ( E*)
2017     Participation in "FormArt" exhibition, Karlsruhe (G)
2017     Nominated for Artprize "FormArt Klaus- Oschmann-Preis", Karlsruhe
2017     Participation in "ArtOlympia International art exhibition", Toshima Ward Office Building, Tokio (G)
2017     Nominated for "ArtOlympia International art award 2017", Tokio
2017 Participation "tatortatelier:17", Offene Ateliertage des BBK, BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2016 Group exhibition, Kunstverein Coburg
2016 Participation consumART , Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
2016 Solo exhibition "Power of colors", MR Gallery Nürnberg
2016 Nominated for NN Art Prize
2016 Group exhibition, Defet gallery house, Nuremberg
2015 Group exhibition " Winter Salon " KVE , Kunstpalais Erlangen
2015 Participation consumART , Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
2015 Participation 10th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“
2015 Solo exhibition "Kein Hirsch in Sicht", MR Gallery Nürnberg
2015 Group exhibition "65. Bayreuther Kunstausstellung"
2015 Nominated for the art prize of Weilburg an der Lahn, Museum of Weilburg
2015 Participation "tatortatelier:15", Offene Ateliertage des BBK, BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2015 Group exhibition "1.Große Erlanger Kunstausstellung", Erlangen
2015 Group exhibition "Truderinger Kunsttage", Munich
2014 Solo exhibition "Time Out", Galerie Paul, Nuremberg
2014 Group exhibition „Jahresausstellung des Bundes Fränkischer Künstler“, Kulmbach
2014 Nominated for the 3rd art prize of Bund Fränkischer Künstler
2014 Group exhibition "Welcome II", Gedok Franken
2014 Group exhibition "tatortatelier:14", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2014 Group exhibition in "Warm & Kalt", MR Gallery
2013 Group exhibition "Farbe & Form", Gallery Kannegiesser, Fürth
2013 Participation 9th „Gostenhofer Atelier- und Werkstatttage“
2013 Group exhibition "tatortatelier:13", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2013 Nominated for „Heise Art prize“ in Dessau, Gallery "Alte Feuerwache", Dessau
2013 Group exhibition "Wesensformen", MR Gallery, Nürnberg
2012 Group exhibition "tatortatelier:12", BBK-Gallery Nuremberg
2012 Nominated for „Heise Art prize“ in Dessau, Gallery "Alte Feuerwache", Dessau
2012 Series "Chroma", Werk I, Publication in Heise- Art prize calendar 2013
2012 Solo exhibition "Color of Silence", MR Gallery, Nürnberg
2011 Solo exhibition "Retrospektive einer Dekade" 2010 Solo exhibition "Universus", Erlangen/Herzogenaurach
2007 Solo exhibition, Grüne Halle, Fürth
2003 Solo exhibition, Kulturforum Karstadt, Nuremberg
1995-1999 Buenos Aires
1993 Solo exhibition, “Keramik Kraft”
1990 Solo exhibition, “Gallery am Hauptmarkt” in Nuremberg