Majda Skrinar

Majda Skrinar

Koper, Europe, Slovenia

About Majda Skrinar

When observing vessels in the bay I wonder about their cargo, the exotic landscapes of different geographic climes, the immense energies of parts of the world that is undergoing rapid progress and change, the mix and fusion of cultures of world cities – issues of globalization, the new replacing the old, and changes produced by digital and virtual reality. Every day, regardless of the weather, rain, sun, strong winds or fog - I go for a long walk along the coast and marvel at the fascinating scenes that lie over the horizon.

Some ships wait far out in the bay, while others, massive and heavy with their cargo, churn into port. Sometimes they turn, like a ballet dancer, on their axis. Though huge and of heavy mass, loaded with containers, they surprisingly appear weightless. While small boats under full sail move smoothly in their midst, big vessels wait patiently to discharge their cargo. What a spectacle!

Motifs on the horizon, industrial objects in the port, container-transport technology, changing light patterns, climatic conditions, the mixture of nature and culture are now the main themes in my painting.

I live in Koper, a port town on the bay of Trieste. Here the Mediterranean thrusts deep into Europe. In 2005 the European Union increased the quotas for goods imported from Asia. On my daily walks along the coast, I noticed the increased traffic of ever-larger transatlantic ships. The focus of my work - centered on natural motifs, gardens and botanical subjects - was replaced by a new theme, vessels in the bay. The idea of huge hi-tech marvels that by traveling from one end of the world to the other, connect differing cultural and natural environments, cast its spell on my work and me.

Born in 1963 in Koper.

Grants and Awards:
2012 "Recognition for High Quality Artwork", International Fine Arts Festival ZDSLU Kranj
2010 Residency in Berlin, Ministry of Culture, Slovenia
2005 "The Best Water Painting Award,” XXXX International Extempore Piran
2004 "The Best Water Painting Award,” XXXIX International Extempore Piran
2001 "Special Award,” XXXVI International Extempore Piran
2000 / 2001 Residency in New York, Ministry of Culture, Slovenia, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana
Public and Corporate Collections: Banka Koper, Casino` Velden, Austria, Community of Piran, Hoffilm, Holland, Iwano Project Foundation, Serbia, Obalne Galerije Piran, Talum Maribor, Unior - Terme Zreče, Zavarovalnica Triglav


1983 -1990 Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana University
1988 - 1993 Accademy of Fine Arts, Painting, Ljubljana University
1993 - 1994 Faculty of Architecture, Coimbra University




Individual Exhibitions:
"El Mediterráneo, costas marinas", UCEMA University Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gouache, Insula Gallery, Izola
Nevidna mesta / Città invisibili, Meduza Gallery, Koper
Orasele invizibile / Invisible Cities, Muzeul national al Taranului Roman, Bucuresti
Movements and Layers, Banke Koper Gallery, Koper

Group exhibitions:
“Stella Maris” Pokrajinski muzej Koper, 9.11.2018
“Knjiga umetnika/Il libro d’ artista”, Carpacciovo leto v Piranu/L) anno del Carpaccio a Pirano,
Piran, nekdanja cerkev Sv. Katarine, 26.04. – 21.05.2018

“30 let galerije Insula, Skupinska razstava umetnikov Insule”, Galerija Loža Koper, 10.7. – 18.7.2017
“Razstava brez priprav: Slike iz zbirke mednarodnega Ex Tempora Piran v Koroški galeriji likovnih umetnosti”, Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenija, 24.3.-21.5.2017
Galleria "la roggia", Pordenone, Italia
"35.SLIKARSKI TEDEN MALERWOCHE", Galerija Galerie Gorše,Sveče Suetchach, Avstrija Austria
"Immensity", Galerie GV, Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria
"Flirt mit dem Ungewiessen", Galerie KoKo, Wien, Austria
Sodobna pokrajina, 4 th International Festival, Janez Puhar Gallery, Kranj
Mojih 5 najljubših, Awarded ex-tempore works, Loža Gallery, Koper
Medieval Snapshots, International Art Camp, Blacksmith's Tower Gallery, Sighisoara, Romania
Malo in veliko, Majski salon ZDSLU, Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana
Retrox, The Iwano Project Foundation, dela na ročno izdelanem japonskem papirju velikega formata, Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine, Novi Sad, Serbia
Prižgimo luči za svetlejši jutri, Caffè Central Gallery Portorož
Izmenjava, Kvartirna hiša Gallery, Celje
Srečanja 2012, Stolp intermedijske umetnosti Škrlovec Gallery, Kranj
Risba/Drawing, Insula Gallery, Izola
Iz oči v oči / Face to Face, Piran Civic Gallery
Workshop Svetvinčenat, Voda Gallery, Svetvinčenat, Croatia
28. Painting Residency Riviera - Poreč, Mala Galerija, Poreč, Croatia