Margarete Golz

Margarete Golz

Loerrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

About Margarete Golz

Born in 1957 in Borken/Westfalen, Germany, Marga grew up in a pretty bourgeois family. She made her way against her parents expectations. She finished university with a higher degree in fine arts. She devoured books from Hermann Hesse, idolized Buddhism, lived in grief for a better world and was disappointed by the lack of creativity in the art lessons at school. Drawing for her has always been a way for retreat while gathering energy to manage conflicts. During a period of social service for the community she found entry in art classes at the University of Kassel. Again, disappointment arose from the rigid way of thinking by the professors. "The best teaching I got from my senior mates", Marga reflectes about her early studies. The heart of her work has always been the oil painting. Marga Golz` early work is closely associated to the magic realism. Achieving the final color through multiple coats of paints according to the old masters is a technique she still applies today. Her paintings on the switch of contemporary issues over times cover the periods from renaissance to modern computerized art. Figures of men and women pregnant with meaning and carefully dissected. Taking her subjects into geometric and multi-faced pieces Marga has devoted herself to the cubism. The compositions of her paintings are frequently based upon real objects, dreams or derived from personal experiences or visions. Sensuality and effectiveness are the drivers for creating scenes of human encounter which should translate into a story or fairy tale. During the process of painting the focus on the final work gets constantly challenged and broken by covering colors with different layers of pigment, changing forms and shapes or moving and mixing of borders and structures. This ends up in specific and unique dynamics and rhythm in each piece of work. Every new object is going through a cycle of spontaneity, simultaneity, manifoldness and poetry of life. This is how Marga makes us aware the uniformity and exchangeability of the world around us.


1977 – 1982 Study of fine arts and peadagogy at the University
of Kassel/ Germany
1982 – 1983 Study fine arts and Siam culture at
Silpakorn University in Bangkok/Thailand
1985 – 1988 Study fine arts and management at the University of
fine arts in Berlin/ Germany
Since 1990 living and working in Loerrach/ Germany
2004 Foundation of the Loerrach art club
(VBK, Verein Bildende Kunst Lörrach e.V.)


"distance" group show, 20.03-28.03.2021 Culture fabric, Schopfheim/D
"scary beauty" 3 artclubshow 13.12.-15.12.2019
"CONNECT" 3 artclubs openting 7.12.2018 Schopfheim/D Kulturfabrik, 7p.m. until midnight
"New romance" Exibition opening 12.10.2018, 18:00, Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen
quientness life, Kulturfabrik Schopfheim, 9.June - 15.July 2018, group Exibition
solo show Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden/DE, Jan to Feb 2018
12.05. 2016 "Shell and multiplicity" Museum of three countiers/Dreiländermuseum D-79540 Loerrch; Finissage 12. June2016 (16:00)
Exibition Opening: "German southern ART" 07.July.2016
(18:00) Gallery Zwickau in D-08412 Werdau 7.7. - 4.8.2016


2020 "Confess color - Farbe bekennen" solo show, January Gallery Kulturfabrik Schopfheim /D
2018 "New romance" 12.10. - exhibition, Villa Berberich Bad Säckingen
2018"Solo exhibition" Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden
2017 "drawing" Villa Berberich Bad Säckingen, D
2017 "GRAND SALON" Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen
2016 "Shell and multiplicity" Museum of three countries/Dreiländermuseum Loerrach, D
2015 "ther great war" groupexhibition with Cheshire Artist Network, Chester Cathedral, Chester, GB
2015 "coming home" groupexhibition Town Hall Gallery,
Rheinfelden Baden, DE
2015 "GRAND SALON 2015" Villa Berberich Bad Säckingen
group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, London, GB 19th August to 1st September
2013 “beauty” Gallery Villa Berberich Bad Säckingen, D (singel show)
2012 “Midsummer night`s dream” Castle art park Frodsham, UK (group)
2012 “Rendezvous in Sens" Orangery municipal Gallery Sens, F (group)