Mar Shy Sun

Mar Shy Sun

Miami, FL, United States

About Mar Shy Sun

First things first - in the given context. Hello! - I'm "Friend of the World". We know ALL about you (Who are We?) - but you don't know us - detrimentally. I do paint visual "representations" of Invisible Spirit Realms of more than "purchasable" Reality which isn't really perceivable by a naked eye trapped in the Chaos of Shadow. So in a way I always fail here (ha!) - like you. Circles, ovals, dots etc. are used only as approximations of that which has no "obvious" form there. Personally (or more not), I exist in all Worlds simultaneously. I did originated from that Realm which is unknown to folk of Materialists. We seem as God-like (ha! and we sure are!) to folk of Perdition - Saturn-Black Sun. Sometimes people make me feel like that type of victim myself. O... well... and that isn't a fiction but then - what isn't. There are no Authorities, Kings or Rulers or Saatchi what is most likely hard to understand for you. I'm unmixed with Darkness what is even harder to understand for anyone. But I feel its "gravitational" pull nevertheless. So I fulfill myself in and around this reality which is "flat" by the way with a couple of intentions and a couple of travel documents. A lot of times people scare me - they have it... what I call - death eyes. By origin I am very high (thanks to my origin!) and I try to show people that the Realm I come from is much more beautiful and real than this one. People don't really believe me - obviously. They tend to hate me for that. I'm not so interested in things people think are so important - as to be good or bad or famous or salesman for my "few" intentions. A few times I have received honors from the organizations that exulted me above the others (NEA for example). It's intrinsically natural to share for me. After all everything here boils down to a lot of suffering and little high and so much madness. So I have to do all by and for myself - just to be "normally!!!" high. I still try to make others also feel the goodness of that state. That's all. Glory to well-being! Glory to my home! GLORY!


Education is a fuzzy thing. The less you remember the more you forget. My authentic education is not from here. What is really possible to know - it's hard to imagine. Clarity is everything. All you can learn here you can throw out as I see it - after you learned it. Nothing compares to radiance of Invisible Light.


Second. Coming. Coronavirus. Bliss. Light. And more.


New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Miami, Jersey City, Belo Horizonte, Hohhot, Riga, London.