Marc P Sahli

Marc P Sahli

Berne, Switzerland

About Marc P Sahli

Born in Berne, Switzerland. All my artworks are for sale. Artist since 1987. Writer since 1996. 2000-2014 working and travelling around the world (Moscow / Tripoli / Pristina). Since 2015 back to home base Berne, Switzerland.

Digital photography: dimensions and prices are just an example. Don´t hesitate to ask for different sizes and material!

If you would like to read my short stories and poems please contact me by email: My writing is in German language only.

"Logographien, Prosaminiaturen aus der Schweiz, Russland, Libyen, Kosovo", KaMeRu Verlag Zurich. ISBN 978-3-906739-96-0.
Next book coming soon! "Vielleicht ein anderer Augenblick", ISBN 978-3-906082-50-9.


Primary- and secondary schools. Visited art courses at Volkshochschule Berne and lectures about art history and contemporary art at Kunsthalle and at the University of Berne, Switzerland.