Maria Morales

Maria Morales

Lumberton, NJ, United States

About Maria Morales

How color, light, and form enhances the figure and depicts luxurious nuances and sensual color harmonies are what I strive to show in my paintings. The intention of the artwork is to showcase the human form in a way that is dignified and beautiful to a diverse audience. Composition, colors, and details are used to achieve a feeling of elegance and grace. The abstract paintings use an interplay of different colors and textures to give the pieces a sense of depth and make them visually stimulating. Recently, I have also been creating social commentary and political paintings. With everything going on I have been compelled to depict some of my feelings and viewpoints.

Maria was born in Portugal and moved to New York where she attended school and went on to graduate from Parsons School of Design (NY) with a BFA in Illustration.

"Creating art is a journey that fills me with excitement, peace of mind, and takes me away from the concerns and stresses of daily life. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I enjoy creating it."


Parsons School of Design, NY
BFA in Illustration