Martín Sichetti

Martín Sichetti

Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Colegiales, Argentina

About Martín Sichetti

MARTÍN SICHETTI was born in Buenos Aires, in 1973.
Lives and works in Buenos Aires.
Images are fixed on the retina; they are stuck in my mind as if they were folders; the memory of a specific scene leads me to seek it. Then I start working based on this image and this way the scene has a new stage: Drawing, video or performance.
The development of these pieces over several years has converged into the challenge of creating my own scenes, filming what I imagine and starting the procedures anew but in reverse.
Apart from the medium: drawing, video or performance, the driving force is, mostly, cinema: suspense, film noir. drama, comedy.
Grabbing the stills or impersonates a cinema icon involves a trip to the very inside of the scenes and the back of the camera.

Martín Sichetti, 2017.


Individual exhibitions: Microfilms (HACHE galería, Buenos Aires, 2016) Suspensa (Fundación Esteban Lisa, Buenos Aires, 2014) / Darling Pet Monkey (Espacio Cabina, Buenos Aires, 2013) / Number 13 (Musetta caffé, Buenos Aires, 2010) / Recuerdos cinemascope (Facultad de Psicología. UBA, 2009).

Collective exhibitions and/or performances: Premio Itaú 2017. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017 / Premio Klemm 2016. Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 / En Papel. Del Infinito Galería. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 / Alphaville. BA Photo, Buenos Aires, Argentina , 2016 / Lo firme en el centro encuentra correspondencia, HACHE Galería. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017 / Has llorado, en silencio, HACHE Galería. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 / Vértigo, el cine desde las artes visuales, Praxis. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015 / Páramo. HACHE Galería- GAS, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014 / Pinta Art Fair. Galería Teresa Anchorena. New York, Usa, 2012 / The Eclectic Tomorrow. The Clubhouse, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013 / Faber-Castell 250o aniversario. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011
 / Mark Morgan Perez Garage. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009 /among others.