Matt Enger

Matt Enger

Newark, NJ, United States

About Matt Enger

Matt Enger has been living on the East Coast since moving to New York City to work for ULAE- Universal Limited Arts Editions. He has been working to create a unique vision of his process since. Matt Enger has been showing in New York since 1990.

“My newest work is somewhat abstract with a focus on depth and color. I like to think of paintings as a way to communicate ideas and emotions without words. I am using a technique I have developed over the years that I call cast acrylic on canvas. The result of this is a high gloss surface that resonates with visual depth.”

“Creating a vibrant body of artwork has continued to evolve over the years because of my love of paint and the contrasting use of colors that I love. I have always had an interest in American Culture, including historical myth and Hollywood has always provided inspiration for my work. In my paintings I am always looking for ways to create new visual depth and line to enhance the psychedelic pallet I favor.”

“My work is a metaphor, which employs historical fact as well as fantasy to explore the daily struggles of people in a crowded, technological, wondrous and many times frustrating society.”


B.F.A Oklahoma State University


2012 Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY

2011 Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY

2010 Mindy Wyatt Gallery, New York, NY

2009 JaJo Gallery, Newark, New Jersey
Installation, Paintings

2007 White Box Gallery, New York

2001 Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
Paintings, Group Show

2001 Catherine Melandrio Store, Soho, New York
Installation "Streets of New York”

2000 Art Space Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
Fort Apache Installation, wallpaper and Paintings

1998 Max Fish Gallery, Lower east Side, New York
Solo Exhibit Paintings

1996 Here Art Gallery, New York
Solo Installation

1995 Jose Frere Gallery, New York
Screen printed Paintings.

1993 Max Fish Gallery, New York
group show Paintings.

1992 Exploding Sky Gallery, New York
solo exhibit of Paintings

1990 U.L.A.E. Gallery, New York
Installation, Drawings