Michael Mihangel

Michael Mihangel

North Powys, Powys, United Kingdom

About Michael Mihangel

I am a people person and so see Art as a social activity that in its communication is always a shared experience in this fascinating and extraordinary world. As an artist today I find great joy in experemting with materials and techniques in the pursuit of super aesthetics. Seeing, thinking and making are finely tuned in a mixture of spontaneity and careful design in an attempt to quench a thirst for a greater knowledge and new sensory environments.

Art galleries ignite culture and have provided me with endless wondrous moments of first-hand experience of so much beautiful artwork. Since being very young I have developed an admiration for many artists including Vincent van Gogh, Joan Eardley, Elizabeth Blackadder, Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlamink, Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko and the Bauhaus movement. Also at the top of the list are Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and the scintillating painting of Claude Monet and the Impressionists.

I first became seriously interested in painting as a teenager reading through the Great Artists journals that my Mum had subscribed to. My Uncle was a highly skilled painter and his inspirational drawings and oil paintings were on display around family homes and my father had a strong interest in Photography and took and developed some remarkable images using a Rolleicord box camera and darkroom processing. After finishing a Diploma in Civil Engineering I worked in Central London in Publicity as an Assistant Graphic Designer, before enrolling at two educational establishments to study Foundation Art and A Level Fine Art.
During this time I received wonderful encouragement from my A Level teacher whom had studied at the Royal College of Art, London and also from the brother of a friend whom had an Art Degree and was working for the BBC. The following year and after gaining a good Foundation qualification and A Level Fine Art, Grade A, I dedicated my time to developing my own practice and then moved to Sheffield to study BA Fine Art. My time at University in Sheffield was incredibly precious and I felt so privileged to have had years of time to study Art amongst a delightful group of creative young people and in such pleasant settings.
I have been teaching Art for nearly 20 years now and in-between finishing my degree and moving into teaching I again focused on establishing my practice as an Artist. This was a time for embedding purpose, values and beliefs and trying to make sense of the world; something that has never left my practice. Throughout this period I had a studio for some of this time and financed my situation with a variety fun low responsibility jobs such as working in a cocktail bar, a diner, a paint factory and processing orders for a catalogue company.

So Art became a necessity for me, but why? Since being very young and still today; I have been intrigued how Art opens up the world and offers ways of exploring ideas. It has enabled me to present thought provoking and philosophical insights and explore what my contribution is to society in a most positive way. I have had a super upbringing and lots of very good friends and Art offered me the opportunity to explore what was needed for a person to lead an authentic and good life…..a better life that was understood, a fulfilled life, being kind, generous and forgiving, reaching potentials, knowing oneself and feeling comfortable with one’s existence in terms of strengths and vulnerabilities.

I love the act of drawing and painting and the added dimension of meaning which I incorporate into my artwork mostly through a sheer joy of line, colour and texture and a buoyant immersion into distortion, representation and abstraction. My concerns and interests are grounded in education, philosophy, environment, identity, psyche and aesthetics. Most of my work has strong bonds with feelings with an approach that has a mixture of seriousness and wit in a cauldron of mixed styles, not in anathematic vein but through an investigative and educational multiverse.


1990 - 1994 Sheffield Hallam University
BA Hons. Fine Art. 3 excellent grade A Levels in Art subjects. Foundation Art.


Solo Show. The Shrewsbury Coffee House, Shrewsbury. UK. March and April 2021.

Landscapes Milanos Cafe Sept. 2014 - July, 2016 

Group Show Workhouse Gallery Oct. 6, 2014 - Nov. 17, 2014 

Artist Scheme New Art Gallery July 22, 2011 - July 29, 2011