Misa Gott

Misa Gott

London, United Kingdom

About Misa Gott

I am a Japanese artist based in south London. I was born in Japan and grew up on the outskirts of Tokyo, but have lived in the UK for more than half of my life.

Inspired by the ecology and the natural world, I create images with gestural marks, biomorphic shapes and patterns mainly with watercolour paint and monotype prints. My work has a delicate and ethereal feel with sedated colour palettes and distinctive composition.

The starting point of my practice is always my relationship with nature, one that was forged in Japan where the natural world is woven into the fabric of daily life. Various ecological issues are of my concerns and interest but the wonders in nature that I find daily are the driving force of my creativity.

My ideas are visually cultivated and developed through a playful and spontaneous process. I let my curiosity in the creative process lead and as a result, my work develops organically using watercolour paint, other drawing mediums and a printmaking process. The final work is the result of careful refinement and selection from the exploration.

Through my work, I try to open up rooms for reflection, contemplation and imagination of artistry and elegance in nature and revoke the idea of reverence and humility towards all beings on the earth.