Blackboys, East Sussex, United Kingdom


I am a professional artist, originally from Lisbon, I started painting oil on canvas in 1996 as a self-taught artist. Living in London since 2008, the travels in many different places, coupled with my memories from Portugal, makes my inspiration to paint mountains, lakes, seas, sky, beaches, moors, also I love deserts, anything in nature.
I am very passionate about nature, the light, colours, texture, and movement. My dream is to travel around the world and paint every vibrating composition of nature. I believe in energy, healing, and spiritual connection, so my paintings are transmissions of my passion and energy. Mostly I paint in a positive emotion, offering tranquillity, relaxation, peace, and healing, however my Abstract Style is more energetic, vibrating, and full of movement and contrast.
I like to work mostly in an Impressionist or Abstract Style using Oil on Canvas or watercolours.

Since 1998 I have been sold my paintings for many countries mainly to a private collectors, initially I worked with interiors designers in Lisbon which I sold my artwork, last years I have been sold to England, Ireland, France, Kuwait, Australia, USA to a private collectors and online galleries.
I have a studio in my home that creates opportunity to be focus and working hard to create more artwork and improving my technique. I like to be self-taught artist, I am irreverent to follow academic rules and concepts, I like to follow my own instinct on art, the big challenge to get some result by my own creativity, my own "language" , looking the evolution of the art by others artist, search techniques, etc.
My goals is exhibit and sale my creation in galleries and collectors in UK and around the world. I am happy to work by commission.


Attended at High School of Decorative Arts Ricardo Espirito Santo, Lisbon.
Licentiate in Radiology Diagnostic, Portuguese Red Cross University


2017 Gatton Masion Exhibition, Surrey
2017 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London
2017 Redhill, Surrey Exhibition
2017 Tadworth Exhibition
2016 Artist Resident at Algarve Lovers, Portugal
2015 November / December, Mine, Art Gallery, Carshalton, Surrey
2015, 2nd to 7th November, St George's art Gallery, Tooting Broadway, London
2015, 3rd to 30th October, Duas de Letra Art Gallery, Porto, Portugal
2015, 4th to 6th September, New Artist Art Fair, Breack Lane, London, UK
2015 September , Resident Artist at NGallery, Toronto, Canada

2014, The Signal Arts Centre, Ireland
Exhibitions from 1998 to 2005 in Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril.