Nicholas Robertson

Nicholas Robertson

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

About Nicholas Robertson

Born in Gloucester and living and working in Cheltenham UK. I like to work in acrylic because it allows me to experiment, making changes quickly is paramount when wishing to explore your options. I suspect like most figurative artists I find drawing and painting the human form wholly embedded with human behaviour. The desire to secure more than a representation of a persons movement, the spilling of light over contours or the various other physical facets is the reason we continue to make paintings. To liberate a recognisable small emotion in texture, colour and pattern and to make it still, perhaps this is a measure of a successful painting.
I have sold work around the world, to individuals and organisations and have produced award winning public art (usually with a colleague) for various institutions.


Gloucester College of Art


World Travelling project - The vices and virtues of man, Facopa PR Teheran.
Carers Aid Exhibition Gloucester Cathedral
Open Studios Cheltenham
Sue Ryder Hospice Art Auction

YouTube video: Nicholas Robertson playlist


Atrium Gallery London. Montpellier Galleries. Martins Gallery. Burlington Gallery. Sussex Gallery Brighton. Cheltenham Fine Arts-Triumvirate exhibition. Facopa PR Teheran. Brian Sinfield Gallery Oxon. Ogle Gallery. Contemporary Art Holdings.