Åse Markenlind

Åse Markenlind

Stockholm , Stockholm, Sweden

About Åse Markenlind

I am Åse Markenlind (non of my Art is on offer. If the same collector will order 3 or more of my Art, I will give an very good prize so)
Iam born in an earia because that my parents did work there. Non generation before me from that eria at all. Like many othar elses in that eria. And everyone move from there nearhood .
J patent my own new afternamne start 1980 the name is from North Sweden erias irontime and eria, generation from the Icetime, ground/houses the eldest between Luleå and Överkalix houses from my realtive first Nilsdotter father Nils. Also Tjäruträsk house.
Generation by DNA ground 50% by my loved grandmother and grandfather from North Sweden/Lapland. It took me 0ver 30 years, to decide. Than I wroted to the appartment RSW sevel of times from 1980, about different afthernamn and at last J and RSW find an new name who I chosed 2000. (the law is so about choise of an new afthernamne) they said wy not Nilsdotter.An own new afther namn patented by RSW. So no one elses can have my afthernamn than me in the whole world and my son AndersPaavo and sonsons:
Vincent/MiLo/Youngest. Lind is part of my relative eria Irontime foresteria)
(Nilsdotter from Överkalix, Sundholm highes Military in Europe still by ours younger educeted so. Oil Hansson from Luleå to Canada/USA). By DNA ground generation, my beloved grandmother Pedersens father 12,5% ! from Copenhagen and mother from Dalsland is me by my fathers side 37,5%. And my Northground is 50% me of first highes realive above. Not inmarrried or adopted

Ecofood and ingreen house planting.
To work with my Art from dimesionel/ the four different Universe dialog to translate by braincell positional outside me,
to canvas and paper is like above medssage an large part of my life,(to proof of the reality). Not by my body. Whom said so is lieing. Medssages for my art do not come from living humans on earth.

So I have talk to my spirit(every one has own) from when I was about 4 years old.
8 years old: than I said okej my spirit/cloudstar and not from fysical humans! Have to do some Art for my Fathers Mothers.
Because my aunt AnnaGreta did sculptur.

Therefore grandmother ask, what do the spirit look like? So I dident paint I talk to the spirit of mine and than heald out some colore and the painting and spirit and me dialog on the paper.

I never caring anything inside my body or brain at all of art sourses

You can see my art in GOOGLE +. I am also with as participant in two categories-GOOGLE+SAATCHI ART and SAATCHIART GALLERY " MOTION PHOTO GRAPHY PRIZE-PEOPLE and URBAN". - an exhibition/portfolio for SAATCHI.ART in october-november 2014.

It may be strange but translating dialogs on this pictures is very important to the society and different cultures,as the right to knowledge of diversity.

I have since aged from 4 to 8 years old by for example throw out some sand and suddenly has an known face been exposed on the ground, and is since than an normality .

And as an eight years old girl couldent I see anything strange with that at all.

And I was in believe that every child could do the same, But not. In the years of 1960-1970 was the dialog about clevorians/spirits high in the rest of the world. More down silent in North.wehade the highes military force in Norrbotten gnabbing.
Also UFO from five years old, interesring see outside you could see all colore from the road outside everywhere.

In my work can you second by second,see an picture take form. And the realityfacts not my life, body or cells.The spirits from heaven/cloudstar and living cell.
So I take celldialogs outside my body.
I started up for an offical updating in 2004 in North Sweden after nearly 8 years of projections and planing of so and wrote notes of so. Not in minds,(as ordinare collected my own notes about pollenintollerance) but chose to start working 2004 in pollenprognose.
Since "to see in coffee" and can be totaly different presentate and should be so. it is also both in structure and colore as Universe. And 9 different nyances.


University Reading archaeology(only courses and I read 1 year Iron adge time, only north in the world on Umeå University. "The tree worlds" /Treatment of Drug and alcohol teraphis in University and drog psycical illnes/and mutch more as the backside HUGO and Brain cranie brain sick care. An part is Theraphist different education together 37,5 hp University. Workingleader in Working terapi and ADL/ADHD and dessorder av different as so. Projects and projects an workingform.TFT highes levels from Tromsö/London/USA. And very mutch elses. But Life times studies is reality. All from different University. I started to instick different studys in University levels for an Candidature.
So I am an happy choised living alone and pensionist, and studie fulltime diff 100%, Geology and Physical geography. And litle elses. And from autumn some more Archaeology short A+ B 30 hp. I start with have 1 year Ironetime/vikingtim 15 hp/ 1 queestion from VG highes level SE/Hp.
An very importent and in reality study, who gives futureknowlwdge.
Than I its time to put in some 30 p/Art studies from University out side Sweden for see som diff of value.
And Harvards University with some short And further in University in Stockholm.
And think litle about Teology in old timebible and also all different religons for the mater of knowledge or markt out my knowledge... University for as my very descedent of Catholic Abbedissa Nilsdotter in Catholic Church in Vadstena. I am myself Catholic seens ten years ago. And About when ended membership in Swedish Church nov 2008 and said No thank you as member in Catholic Churces.
I am delighted and blessed for so. I still a big fan and respect to Archebishop KG Hammar and the Honored Pope as Honored Bishop/Cardinal of highes Sweden Anders.


Its so mutch of Heavenly knowledge as connected white the sea/ mounteins/sedements/and blipprings to fotolice.
As the stranges when MR North Corea and USA has test the nuclear missils or bombs in the world, as colore on the moon after chanced of such a chock and weather or earthquack s and vulcanas.
So me and my pictures is in studies and work on heavenly star cloude art, and my Art is like sedements levels, newest highes up. And all the the´wels is there, Time never stand still.


So the configurations is always still, and some faces have gone and come back and also a lot of new known faces and in different size, but the oldes is first on ground and if an X-.ray been takes on the picturs, can everyone see in time to time an different cell new split and spirits and cell split and medssages of health future.

I did not say that I promice you an rose garden!!! remember so, but do give you the chance TO SEE THIS FORMA MAKING ART as so.

Where the DNA factor rest after the death. Its billions of stars in 4 clouth formas. It is DNA on the couth above you. In North from October. But you can see that idifferent mounth every where you is in the world.

Has them been our restingplace become our nature restingplaces from start?, in different sizes and in like an very large transparent cloude so fantastic so endless for to be meeting next every time on for new Earth Start again and again.

The world is litle more complicate than we sometimes think it is. Or did we took it for granted, its the heaven and its just like so. Stop fryting people.

Is we going to be the same? I dont know! But we do remeber sometimes dont we? From the past.But we know our death relatives is there, and when it is time for eatch life to go from fysical. So litle is the Earth in above all those comets and all the different winther streets (an new young wintherstreet has become born in universe inside our wintherstreet)in side our winther street, So voices been heard. A lot off times to. (see my Exhibition in SaatchiArt/Åse Markenlind the Roses that I make and my ...spirit is thos 12 different viewed Galaxies who who is in Universe.

As NASA also say we is in the best time of Earths lifetime. And the moste possible to see and talk too different "out of space energies".(I start belive in UFO and also moste shure about cloudstars spirits around from the whole world excist

In my early 6-8 years old, and the "Goste in the Glass" already than.
And the profesias warking harder than everfor to could help you with answer isent it so. I am not an profesia and not tarot or newadge ever.

And we is in right time isent it so? Of Universe time.The NASA and EESA have declaretded thats correct.So I am working in any ather way than i chowed you in saatchiart, in University studies and not ny thinking minds thouts, whats in the world has tou fantasias bring you.

Its not my body who takes up your wishes or help you at all, scanner is outside my body and mine.

(Fat people can not by me go down in weith or brain heart can not be well at all. You is llies. Stop listen to Criminal porno aspirants theyis forbidden in Sweden and I took them away and created withe Norway Guverments empoide an law that forbidden Prostitutiom and porn. One of the the best work of mine in Norway.

I working togheter with Against and by law stop porno and prostitution in Swden and the whole world. You is not aloud to hang on withe me. Is that clear what ever they say, it is nobmany in Stop porno and prostitud).

And also above my head on the balcony, in the wintertime, is also the "Northen light swaving" around me, and together with all stars after an day of hevenly face timelarge.

Isent that fantastic?
So mutch is today seenbar of Universe.


I also try to do Mobil/Comouter and orginal size when presentatings Art on phone/and so on.

Tho the statment become unproper presentate and could not be chanced correct and I did not support and dont like the owners workingway. And I dont support them.

So he true my front side out in Google and Google took it away and same muslim did uploud privet it again.

I did call the police so that art is a choice from the artist not political maters.

My Art is never be offer.

- I am also with as participant in two categories-GOOGLE+SAATCHI ART and SAATCHIART GALLERY
- an exhibition/portfolio for SAATCHI.
G+, there have I presentate the radiation clout .
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