Jelena Nova

Jelena Nova

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

About Jelena Nova

"I paint - to share and create good emotion, joy and positive feeling in anyone who sees my art. To lift people's spirits through beautiful and bright colors that I use."

I'm in love with color, bright, vivid, bold, color as a statement.
My main topics are something that involves a lot of patience and concentration - people's portraits and childhood images, dreams, kids' vision of the world and cats - everything about cats.
Sometimes happens that my ideas choose me to design or create them, that would involve them being stuck in my head for days , dragging me home to my desk and kicking me out of bed at 6 am... I like that though :)

I am very pleased and proud that my paintings are sold to private collectors in USA, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, UK, UAE, Canada and Australia.
I am currently located in my home-town Tallinn, but I do like to travel a lot, to see myself from different perspective, to hunt for new ideas, visions, personalities and inspiration triggered by the mystery and secrets that new places hold.

I took part in London's "Parallax Art Fair" in July 2015

April 2015 Solo Exhibition "Stories" at Alter Studio, Tallinn, Estonia

In 2014 my artworks could be found at London's Old Spitalfields Market


2000 - 2004 Estonian Academy of Arts, bachelor degree in Industrial Design.

Freelance furniture designer and artist.


13 April - 2 May 2015 Solo exhibition "Stories" at Alter Studio, Tallinn

24-26 July 2015 Parallax Art Fair London, Chelsea Old Town Hall

22 May - 28 August 2015 Participant of " Flower Play" exhibition in Köismäe Tower Tallinn

3 May - 30May 2021 exhibition "Secret Life of Pets" - Estonia, Noblessner, Staapli 3 Art Gallery