Oleg Frolov

Oleg Frolov

Kazan, Russia

About Oleg Frolov

Oleg Frolov Born 1953 in Russia.
.My art is a response of my soul to reality through visual images of abstractions.

My creativity is the response of my soul to reality, through visual images of abstractions.
I am interested in the whole spectrum of human feelings and emotions.

I see limitless and unique possibilities of reflecting the real and creating a new space. Expanding the emotional and visual horizon of perception. Search and creation of images that cause complicity and empathy.

It is an improvisation of thoughts, feelings, definite and indefinite actions in the process of creation. Each of them represents a specific form at a specific time.

Painting "Abstract painting OF-A439" is published on the official website of the magazine Tracce Cahiers d'Art

On my Facebook page, you can see some paintings in the video.


Studied the art of painting at the Kazan Dramatic Art School, faculti Theater Painting (Kazan),at the Kazan State Academy for Architecture and Construction, faculty Architecture (kazan),at the School of Arts named after Serov, faculty Painting and Restoration (St. Petersburg). Practical training at the workshops and studios of the Hermitage (St. Petersburg).In 1981 completed the Drawing Classes at the Institute of Arts named after Repin (St. Petersburg). In 1985,1986 GD. wrote the scenery for Opera productions of "the Queen of Spades", "the Tsar's Bride" at the Kazan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theaternamed after M. Jal:l (Kazan).


2017 Exhibition "Not only the painting..." in the Central House of Artists Moscow (Russia)
2006-Exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists (Kazan, Russia),
2004-Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts (kazan, Russia)
2003-Exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists (Kazan, Russia)