ANNE Ducrot

ANNE Ducrot

California, United States & Provence, France.

About ANNE Ducrot

Raised in Provence by the Mediterranean, I moved to California when I was 25. Both of these places are home to me and have been marvelous sources of inspiration for my painting and photography.
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My goal - and hope - is to provide the viewer with enough raw material to create their own story by conveying an atmosphere and a certain color harmony that go beyond the subject matter itself. Our stories don't have to coincide because I am not looking to convey one single message or impression. One of my rewards in this process is to hear the variety of stories and sensations people experience when viewing my art.
- - - - - -
In painting, I need to "follow my bliss" every moment of the process. Since I LOVE to PLAY and EXPERIMENT on a continual basis, I simultaneously work with many different media, painting supports, genres and sizes. This exploratory way of working keeps me inspired and energized, while taking me along different paths at once. As a result of this approach, my work seems to have remained rather eclectic over time. I am inspired by a great range of styles and subject matters - with a penchant for nature, particularly trees and ocean. I like to challenge myself by taking new risks, following a way of working which keeps me on my toes throughout the entire process, having to surrender to the unknown and allowing for the magic that can happen at the end.
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UC Berkeley, California - Masters of Architecture.
Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille - BA in Business
Orsay Paris XI - Masters in Physics & Chemistry.


Middletown, CA - 2015 - 2016
San Francisco, CA - 2014 - 2015
Berkeley, CA - 2012 - 2015
Oakland, CA - 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - 2004
San Rafael, CA - 2004