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Patricia Coenjaerts

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About Patricia Coenjaerts

About me:
//FAVOR pinche SOBRE el PAJARO en la pintura//
PLEASE clic on THE BIRD in the painting//
A.U.B. KLIK op de VOGEL in het schilderij//

About me:
Sketch Book with SELF PORTRAITS and more: Drawings as seen self in the mirror, revealing subconscious awareness. Years 8 April 1994 - 4 July 2020.
Artist Statement and …C.V.
Some artist experiment styles for a lifetime, techniques or themes, while studying and teaching, nourishing our world, being providers of contents.
Patricia Coenjaerts is one… Art produced behind commerce and above decorative, Art Works. She has a lifetime looking for the essence of life with its spirituality, and to visualize it with meaning in Art. With a tendency towards communication, she leads the singularity to its extremes, Simpleness with all its complications. The whole was a search towards the Supreme Being, with spirit and realism.
The art works in their completeness reflect a certain atmosphere, a feeling that does not transcend by observing only part or detail of the compositions, the giant miniature.
As we live in a cultural varied and multi ethnic world, we present also in exposition popular themes and simple views, as an entrance towards observation.
That what converted the life of the artist into a lifestyle for free, easy and independent survival, … to be a Portrait artist, … is represented by a selection of revealing personalities as are sports people, politicians, kids and the society, approaching the sense of ¨Pure Life¨.
There is no nature without fauna: Wild animals and pets. ¨ I paint nature with the integration of humans, who started their intervention with a simple step, following, opening a path, an appropriation, that in excess leads towards destruction.¨ With senses for the actuality, reigns the balance and the curiosity in the creativity.
My childhood dream was creating books and become a painter. Today I am a portrait artist and an educator, an artist and painter and producer and publisher. My professionalism is the product of a unique formal and academic formation in Europe. I have an ample Curriculum in education, cinema, graphic arts, portraits and paintings, shows and publicity. I am an author, editor and director, also an artistic designer and polyglot. I continue to actualize myself on world level and give tutorials, and receive consultations in the matter. I have realized many art expositions, national and international.
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Education: The name is Patricia Coenjaerts. A Belgian artist Graduated in Plastic Arts, Decoration and free Graphic Arts in the year 1982. Has also a degree in Superior teaching of pedagogy in Arts, All from the Saint Lucas Pavilion (Antwerp Belgium). And a master degree in Audio and Video from Academy Merksem.

A Tutoring Art professor since 1983. Publisher of book and DVD´s, a unique course on the Art of basic drawing, titled: ¨Drawing by Observation¨. Also practises as a Producer, a Portrait Artist, all to support herself as a Painter. Also has been active, as free-lance illustrator. Just was born to be an active designer with open mind for consultations. As a premier has organized many Fine Art expositions in spaces to be converted into social gathering places. Art works shown in private expositions, all over the world.

More than an exhaustive list of Art Exhibitions and shows, I like to mention to who I could show and personally interact as a creative artist and as a portrait painter.

From my private and maybe secret CV you may be interested in my Masters in Arts on “Audio and Video”, with my updates on “Computing and Internet”.
My Graduation that includes Classical Ballet, got a follow up with Mime practice.

In Graphic Arts, (Besides, once worked with Steve Jobs) I made the entire production of the book and videos titled: "Drawing by Observation".The first complete and basic course on the art of drawing.
With a degree in Pedagogy.
Occasionally, I remember that Sporadically I had the opportunity to practice my talent in Dramatic arts. In Singing and choreography. As:
I can remember that: In the 80s, introduced by a Company R. Wilson, I choreographed Roberto Palmer's video clip "Addicted to Love". . ;
and Danced for M. Jackson; and following…in the 90 I contributed with a form to: “ the interaction with the public ..." on his act in the Super Bowl.
On two occasions I was with the national dance company of Costa Rica. At first inspiring “dress” in Dans, choreography of Cora Flores.: “Carmen”.
Second; on the invitation of the then choreographer of the national dance company Jimmy Ortiz, I made the transition between the acts..from…piano music ... for "Sortilegio" by Manuel Obregón to My input was the sound of the steps I made with my horse on different grounds in different spaces. Then it was still an event to see My name on the best selling CD record.

Once for a long time, I was "Muse" from the Miguel Mora ventriloquist and comic...

And "New Blood" at TV Productiones Paer. Variety program “Idiay” with Psycholog and his Cooking daughter.
I practice all the bases of the circus arts since I was 3 years old. And was "visitor - insider" of 3 circuses, as a painter, and student as tiger tamer.
A `starting up 'Cirque du Soleil" used with permission, my book”Drawing by Observation”, for the opening of the Olympic Games in the USA, Atlanta.
For a few decades I am part of the group "Metamorphosis". Just Arts.
I was close to Price Philip and drew a life portrait of Doña Letitzia from Asturias, Spain.
And shared the grand drive of Sepp Blatter with FIFA, who named me official portrait artist for the Costa Rica Selections and its World Cup Soccer teams.Comes Fair Play.
I made a life portrait pencil sketch of the now Pope Francis.


Events: - Happenings - Performance - Plastic Arts: Patricia Coenjaerts is the only and the best real artist around.
She is the second best Portrait Artist in the world, widely famous by The Elite of mature Art lovers. Educated and can educate in Art.
Her highly elevated drawing skills and experienced eye for spiritual visions are beyond measure. She is been deeply praised for her unique culture sensitive profile and Comical approach to life.
You will be also surprised by her outstanding ambition to make a difference as an artist and her modest presentation.

Sponsorship is now open for drawing: ¨Ponds´ dream to be a river…¨, to become an oil painting, already started. Please: Order over the web:
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Your Artist Patricia Coenjaerts is
contracted by the rich and famous.
Commented as:
¨The best experience I had in Costa Rica.¨
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Instant LIVE portrait sketches, exposition and
Art classes at FIESTA Resort PUNTARENAS
Central Pacific Costa Rica.
Come and see me. You are very Welcome.

She lives in extremes and always balances out.
Its all about the complicated and the simple.
The chaos and the organized.
P.C. lives a very social life as a portrait artist in lobbies and Resorts and a very sober life as an animal lover. As she sees and reads faces she can also horse whisper, and cats care for her.Loves all the well organized but believes and enjoys to find harmony, balance and systems in chaos… to be simplified.Has greeted and portrayed almost all famous people of the world.
A word from the Master Artist:
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Phone: 506 88222860
Receive a cordial salute.
The name is Patricia Coenjaerts, she has been an artist and educator for 35 years, including her 7 years of art studies.Born in Belgium and Resides in Costa Rica for over 32 years.

Between the year 1982 and 1994 she had one exhibition after another. Before and after only sporadic expos.
Among the collective we would like to highlight the expo of the Red Cross and the drawing contest of the Caja de Seguro Social de Costa Rica, and the Country Day School exhibitions in Escazú. Followed by fairs and markets that are very much visited.

As an individual expositor, we are very proud of the presentation at the BCR San José and the late exhibition at the Vida Plena Gallery of the Magisterium, followed by the exhibition in the Embassy of Belgium, and the expos in Galleries and the promotions of the book and videos “Drawing by Observation” and its happenings.
Including her website and her presentations in the
hotels Irazú, Cariari, Corobici, Hilton and Fiesta Resort Puntarenas.

From the four international exhibitions , three were collective and two individual, only one dealed with marketing and advertising as we are used today: These are
Rubenscenter in Belgium. You will discover that her exhibitions always have that added educational value. Not only in technique, also in sensitivity and actuality.

Attached the documentations and the respective records of the participation.
Also attached some curriculum of exhibitions and curriculum vitae.
Find many pictures of works of Patricia Coenjaerts authorship with their technical files,
also in Google: Patricia Coenjaerts. Arte Y Futbol CR
11 de julio de 2018 ·
Ambiente Mundialista en el Double Tree by Hilton Resort Central Pacific con una Exposicion de Arte Fútbol: 28 años de Retratos de Jugadores Seleccionados de Costa Rica y el FAIR PLAY Ilustrado por PATRICIA COENJAERTS. Hasta el 15 de Julio 2018.