Peter Heydeck

Peter Heydeck

Cologne, Germany

About Peter Heydeck

Born in Ukraine Studies at the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute in Lviv (Department of book design) 1999 immigration to Germany Since 1999 membership in the Union of German Artists (BBK) What is Visialism? A painter lives in colours, a composer lives in notes and sounds, a dancer in movements, a sculptor in materials. A creator thinks about everything and at everything simultaneously. He lives in beetles and saurians, in mountains and oceans, in stars and galaxies, even "in" a cup of coffee at his table. And when this happens, there is nothing big or small, nothing important or unimportant, because everything reflects "the language of the creator".Visions from artists are badly needed. They carry us away from coercions, we once again will find our minds free for the most basic of ideas. We even will remember the power and energy at the beginning of time. I think, I?m a "Visialist", because all my paintings - and not only mine - show reality, which is transformed by visions. Hopefully my aesthetic interpretation of the world will be rightfully understood by a spectator. For me, this is the most important thing.These are the main principles of visialistic art:The visialist considers the unusualness of existence as an aesthetical categoryThe visialist finds the non-obvious in the obvious, the unusual in the usual. Therefore the main element of his creation is the artistic visionThe visialist does not consider eclecticism to be negative, as he very distinctly uses the primary artistic experiences of all times and tribesThe visialist abandons claptrapsThe visialist develops the description of reality, is flustered by what we call reality, but then again does not step away from itThe visialist experiences both presence and future as past. That gives his works a secret and elegiac strengthThe visialist considers that every human being carries cosmical powersThe visialist tries to paint complex things in a basic way. But he knows: you can represent a mountain by a triangle, but the essence of the mountain is not the triangle but the mountain itselfThe visialist as a human being, he lives in the here and now, but as a creator he lives at everyplace and at all times ? 2003-2006 by Peter Heydeck | all rights reserved


Group Exhibitions Since 1991 Kyiv, Lviv (Ukraine)Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia)Riga (Latvia)Munich, Goettingen, Northeim (Germany) 2004 Kiel, Sell Speicher, Wall 55 Solo Exhibitions 1992 Lviv/Ukraine 1996 The National Museum, Lviv/Ukraine The Ukrainian Home National Gallery, Kyiv/Ukraine 1997 Art-Fest, Kyiv/ Ukraine 1998 The Studio Kausch gallery, Kassel / Germany The Seminaris Hotel gallery, Luneburg / Germany The Wiedemann health centre, Ambach / Germany Kreuzherrensaal, Memmingen / Germany 2000 USA Art 21 Show, Las-Vegas/USA 2001 The KSN district savings-bank, Northeim / Germany Dakota Rose Art Gallery, Rapid City/USA 2002 Alfeld, Park Residence / Germany 2003 May Berlin, Russian House for Science and Art 2004 G?ngen, Niederssisches Landeskrankenhaus 2005 Kirchhatten near Oldenburg, City Hall 2005 Grofehn, Ostfriesland, M?alerie and B?aus 28 April ? 14 May 2006 Rathaus Duderstadt, Ostfriesland,