Pietro Spirito

Pietro Spirito

Milan, Italy

About Pietro Spirito

Pietro Spirito was born in Puglia, Southern Italy in 1981, grew up in Florence and trained artistically in Milan,
where he attended the Accademia di Brera. In 2008 he moved to Berlin, where he began a path of experimentation
that resulted in the transition from figuration to abstraction. He currently lives and works in Berlin and Milan.

The exhibition activity begins in Italy, with the first group exhibition in 2004 and the first one in 2005, in Milan,
in addition to participation in the collective Storyboard at BonelliLAb in 2011. In Berlin he participated in several
group exhibitions, and two personal shows, in 2010 at the gallery Nathan Koestlin and in 2016 at the Hugo Cassel
gallery. The Berlin period marks an acceleration in the evolution of his poetics. His original path in the figurative
world finds over time various incarnations, from scenes of everyday life transfigured by a “lysergic” use of color e
of the drawing up to surreal tableaux, allegories in which elements coexist human, animal and technological.

In recent works, the artist combines his interest in drawings of the human body, animals and in ceramic sculpture

with the visual worlds of the social-media platform Instagram, dating app. Spirito takes motifs he finds that fo-
cus on staging and revealing the subject’s own body and address the publication of private images in a playful or

provocative way. The fleeting gaze as you navigate the platforms is interrupted from the moment the artist paints.
His goal is not to create a new image, but it is an act of redesigning and feeling one’s point of view through images,
exploring desire, voyeurism and the dramatic flood of images.


the Accademia di Brera of Milan



2017 "Arcade Paintings", by Stefano Castelli, Theca Gallery, Milan

2016 "Too Late too Soon", Galerie Hugo Cassel, Berlin

2010 "It's About Time", by Travis Jeppesen, Galerie Nathan Koestlin, Berlin

2005 "CENTOperCENTO", Studio Galleria Sottocornonove, Milan


2019 “ArtCharity”, Schwules Museum, Berlin

“Pop-Up Show”, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin

2016 "18 Ateliers / Open Studio", Dessauer Strasse 24, Berlin

2015 "When I Die ..." by Quang Bao, 68Projects Galerie, Berlin

2012 "Igneo - Character and Call of the Dáimon", by Alessandro Di Gregorio, Basement Project, room, Fondi, Italy.

"Transient Museum Of Art", curated by Aga Szwengier, Freies Museum, Berlin

2011 "Storyboard -Trent authors for a diary and some foreign bodies", BonelliLAB, Italy

2010 "Art Charity", Galerie Nathan Koestlin, Berlin


Premio Cairo (finalist), Palazzo Reale, Milano (2017)

Premio Celeste (finalist), Museo Civico Archeologico, curated by G.Scardi, Bologna (2011)