Alessandro Piras

Alessandro Piras

Rimini, Romagna, Italy

About Alessandro Piras

I am an illustrator, graphic and visual designer.
After graduating at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan - Italy, I’ve always worked in advertising and communication, first as a freelance, then in my own studio, creating images, illustrations, logos, storyboards, brochures, posters, maps, infographics or technical and concept images.
My paintings usually deal with water and motion, a way to express my temper and my love for vitality with a powerful brushstroke. Water in particular is my element, and as a swimmer I am always fascinated by scenes dealing with swimming or water with a strong presence of blue tones.
Lately I dedicate my creativity in painting mostly trees as a symbol of rebirth in our endangered world. Trees enlightened by a superior mystic light as a sign of hope.
Thank you for your attention.


Polytechnic School of Design - Milan, Italy
High School for Languages - Misano Adriatico, Italy