Jinny Isserow

Jinny Isserow

Fairfax, VA, United States

About Jinny Isserow

Originally from New York, I am an artist living and working in Fairfax, Virginia.
"They say that when an old person dies, a library goes with them" (1)
I wish to paint those stories - as written on our bodies, line by beautiful line. Old age is a symbol of survival. The journey is long and hard. And messy. We bear scars that represent depth and strength and resilience. Can I capture a beauty that comes from within? Has the journey brought us closer to all that we love? Can I convey love, the thread that joins us all?
"My heart was more disgraceful, more alone
And more courageous than the world has known.
O' passer-by my heart was like your own."
Violet Trefusis
(1) Wangechi Mutu, Kenyan artist

I grew up in Queens, NY and the only thing I ever wanted to do was make art. Paint, pencil, stone, metal, clay, any medium fueled me. Many twists and turns caused me to run from what I loved, but I held onto sketchbook and pencil as though for dear life; through careers as a carpenter and an ordained a Reform rabbi. I am a self-taught artist living in Northern Virginia. I've educated myself over years with books, classes, mentors and 10,000 hours of work.


Studied under:
RAW Artists, member
Nancy Catandella
Judy Wengrovitz
Jacqueline Saunders
NYU (1972) art and Judaic Studies
Hebrew Union College, Reform Rabbinical Seminary
Rabbinic Ordination, (1991)


Commissions and Collectors
Lesk Family
Harris Family
Instagram: Quiet Pencil (J. Roth)
Commissions always welcome.
The Ezell Family
The Malcolm Rosenberg Hillel Center at Virginia Tech, permanent collection
Works held in private collections: Georgia, Virginia, California, Israel, UK, Canada


2020 - The Art League October show Honorable Mention
2020 - The Art League Marian Van Landingham Award
2019 - Maryland Fed. of Art, Jurors Choice Award
Juried Exhibitions
2020 - Women's Caucus for Art, "See My Color"
2020 - Curators Voice Covid Survey Shows I and II
2020 - Atheneaum Gallery
2019 - Bodzin Gallery, Two-Woman show, (JCCNV)
2018 - RAW Artists Showcase, D.C.
2016-2017 - Gallery 75, The Art League Gallery
2016 - The Art League Gallery (Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, Va.) monthly shows: April, May, June, July, September
2016 - Touchstone Gallery "Art As Politics" national show
Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 - Created "Quiet Pencil"
2009 - The Torpedo Factory Art League, Alexandria, Virginia
2008 - Fairfax Art League, Virginia
2008 - Fairfax Council for the Arts, Virginia