Tone Aanderaa

Tone Aanderaa

Ste-Marie-Geest, Belgium

About Tone Aanderaa

Born in Bergen, Norway:"...from an inner sensibility, working under the spell of her Nordic homeland, working within a tradition and yet in full awareness of the the language of contemporary art, Tone Aanderaa createas a rare unity, seldom achieved by young artists. Looking at her moody and powerful paintings and works on paper one feels that this art comes to us as a must - no maneuvering and no strategies - simply voices heard by the artist which we hear now, voices which are memorable and beguiling." (Rudolf Baranik, 1989)"She has a humorous sting to her brushstroke and fun on her agenda, Tone Aanderaa Funny, colourful and illogical 'dreams' makes for images of both realistic and surrealistic character" (Reidar Storaas)"Sanctuary and dream;An air of dream and fairy tale, quiet and afterthought characterizes Tone Aanderaa's images. Birds, animals and flowers live in secret gardens. - There is an indefinable space between dream and reality, a world in itself. My images are like tableaus, that could also be fragments of a story, she says. We encounter imaginary landscapes, with castles, a lonely boat, a mysterious well, and a door or a trail into the unknown. "(Sissel Hamre Dagsland, Bergens Tidende)


MFA, Pratt Institute, New York 1987-89
BFA, Pratt Institute, New York 1983-87
Private Studies w/Stephen Rettegi (oil painting), New York 1977-78
Pedagogical studies, Bergen College 2001-3