Rie Kono

Rie Kono

Chigasaki, Japan

About Rie Kono

As I was.I thought all day long,LOOKING AT THE SKY.
What did we dream?
what did we wish?
The people in the picture said
"A love,a happiness and what we can look beyond the horizon".
By the way
What is your dream?
What is your wishes?
wouldn't it fun it you think about them?
When I saw the balloon, I thought that the balloon will go with a balloon looking at me .. I draw a long long road together with the balloon's theme. The balloon floats in the sky without sound It seems like a symbol of our hope I do not know the soft and floating bubbles You know what a wonderful thing like a dream or hope for a person who sees the picture I'd like to do Please encourage me to fill up. Not only the scenery, but also the depth of time are included in the picture. Add one dimensional two - dimensional three - dimensional and four - dimensional to the one - dimensional two - dimensional and three - dimensional depth plane vertically and horizontally. .3.4, rainy day on a sunny day, cloudy day. There are various kinds every day. I would like to see sunburned ones.
We had a good time.
Cocteau said your sky of the mountain far away "Kokoro" says that people live
Browning says to the God Said, all the world has nothing
What did Wordsworth say
Let's go out now.
I think I probably need balloons for us.Draw a picture on the theme of balloons.
The balloon floats in the sky without sound
It's like a symbol of our hope
Bubbles floating softly are elusive
It seems to be what you want
I want to encourage people who see the painting to fill up a lot of nice things like dreams and hope.
Not only the scenery there but also the depth of time is contained in the picture
One-dimensional two-dimensional vertically and horizontally to a depth plane three-dimensional
One two three
And add the four-dimensional Four of the depth of time to it
,A sunny day rain day
,cloudy day.,everyday is in many ways.I would like to look on the sunny side of things Ladies and gentlemen were gaily dressed.
we had good time.


Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan [1983]
Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature


"Exhibition of RIE KONO" Ikeda 20th Century Museum of Contemporary Art
Number of Exhibitions 300


[Selected solo Exhibitions]
2019 April Urawa ISETAN RIE KONO Exhibition
2018 February 24th - March 4, Odiya balloon Competition(national balloon festival) in conjunction "Balloon travel" Rie Kono Exhibition
2018 March - April Exhibition at Shonan Central Hospital
2017 15 April-11 june Ocean view gallery
2016 Shounan Central hospital
2015 ISETAN urawa
2015 Akita gallery san
2014 "Exhibithon of maebashi
2014 "Exhibition of RIE KONO" Ikeda 20th Century Museum of Contemporary Art
2013 "Ballooning over everywhere" Shonann central Hospital
2009 “Exhibition of Lobby” SOGETSU Hall. Tokyo
2009 Gallery Bungeisyunju. Tokyo

[Selected Group Exhibitions]
2012 “Balloon Travel” Sunplaza Nakano, Tokyo
2008 “Balloon Travel” Galerie Reflet, Tokyo
2006 “ART Shanghai 2006” Shanghai, China
2006 “Exhibition of Collection in Saint Paul's University”, Tokyo
2003 “Flightseeing” Chgasaki City Museum of ART, Kanagawa