Robert Nizamov

Robert Nizamov

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About Robert Nizamov

Born and trained in Russia, Robert Nizamov explores a variety of approaches to painting, from representational still lifes to more abstract landscapes that in many ways recall Impressionism and its analogous movements. Above all, Nizamov strives for the painterly painting, a re-dedication to the medium of paint and brushstroke, based neither on the current market nor modern trends, but born from the sacred act of putting brush to canvas. What results is an approach to painting that is as versatile and varied as the subjects Nizamov chooses to portray. Colors work to create mood: alternately muted and subdued, calm and relaxed, bright and vibrant. Likewise, composition is skillfully employed to set the tone for each painting, at times balanced and serene, other times creating a sense of disparity and tension. Perhaps the hallmark of Nizamov's work, however, is the movement conveyed in each individual brushstroke, masterfully created in the specific way he applies the paint, infusing his images with light and adding a depth and richness to his work.


20.04.1970 was born in Kazan, Russia
1985-1992 Studied in the Kazan Art school at teachers Hamidullin A. G. and Vagapov M. A.
1992-1998 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov (the Surikov art institute in Moscow) workshop of theatrical painting of Kurilko-Ryumin M. M, Lebedeva R. I. and a workshop of monumental painting of Maksimov E. N, Lubennikov I. L.
Since 2001 a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.


10/2014 Museum of Fine Arts, Rizhao, China
09/2013 House Gallery, London Borough of Southwark, London
12/2011 JMA Gallery, Vienna, Austria
02/2011 Rogue Space|Chelsea, New York, USA
10/2010 Agora Gallery, New York, USA
04/2010 Camden Art Gallery, London, England
04/2010 Gallery Sigvardson, Rodby, Denmark
03/2010 Broadway Mall Community Center Art Gallery, New York, USA