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Sandra Catsburg

Utrecht, Netherlands



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Artist featured in a collection

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht,
Faculteit Autonome Kunst (Utrecht School of Arts, Faculty Fine Arts)


Purple pointed black footed thumb

Sculpture12.6 W x 30.3 H x 22.8 D in

Three-eye thumb


Sculpture23.6 W x 12.6 H x 18.5 D in

Assumes an upright position thumb

Sculpture28.7 W x 20.5 H x 14.6 D in

Explanation will follow thumb

Sculpture29.9 W x 14.2 H x 3.5 D in

Dormancy thumb

Sculpture7.1 W x 6.7 H x 7.1 D in

Pupa thumb


Sculpture22.4 W x 9.4 H x 11.8 D in

Fused together thumb

Sculpture11 W x 9.4 H x 12.6 D in

Crawls thumb


Sculpture29.5 W x 11.8 H x 11 D in

Wriggles thumb


Sculpture35.4 W x 13.8 H x 10.6 D in

Foal thumb


Sculpture7.1 W x 13.8 H x 22.8 D in

Nymph thumb


Sculpture9.1 W x 27.2 H x 22.4 D in

Three stages thumb

Sculpture27.6 W x 15 H x 27.6 D in

Blue Tail - Blauwe Staart thumb

Sculpture35.4 W x 28 H x 9.4 D in

Reclining figure thumb

Sculpture29.9 W x 16.9 H x 9.4 D in

Out of the water thumb

Sculpture21.3 W x 54.3 H x 13.4 D in

Sculpture with one tusk - Sculptuur met één slagtand thumb

Sculpture19.7 W x 44.3 H x 5.9 D in

Are you coming or are you going? thumb

Sculpture18.9 W x 17.7 H x 11.8 D in

Split and Black in the Middle - Gespleten en zwart van binnen thumb

Sculpture7.7 W x 16.1 H x 13.8 D in

Split and Green in the Middle - Gespleten en groen van binnen thumb

Sculpture10.6 W x 19.3 H x 26.4 D in

Creature with Two Pink Horns - Creatuur met twee roze punten thumb

Sculpture14.6 W x 20.9 H x 6.7 D in

White Creature - Wit wezen thumb

Sculpture3.5 W x 16.1 H x 5.5 D in

No title (with green protrusions) - Zonder titel (met groene uitstulpingen) thumb

Sculpture20.9 W x 7.5 H x 5.5 D in

Growth System - Groeistelsel thumb

Drawing25.6 W x 19.7 H x 0 D in

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Studio during Open Door weekend

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