Robert Slivchak

Robert Slivchak

Burlington, ON, Canada

About Robert Slivchak

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada and currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. I’m a full-time abstract artist that is inspired by the climate that surrounds me and my passions in life. I use thick layers of acrylic and latex paint, applied using palette knives, rags, sponges and brushes pulling back and removing portions of each layer until the result is synchronized and blended with my current feelings.

One of my biggest inspirations for pursuing a career in fine art is my father, the artist Emil Slivchak. At a young age I was always fascinated with his ability to work with any medium and his gift of being able to transform it into something beautiful. His encouragement to express myself artistically at a young age was key to my artistic development.

I’m a huge advocate of reusing materials, reducing waste and recycling. I also believe that process begins with individual efforts because we all have to do our part to leave the world in a habitable condition for future generations. On February 19, 2015, I formed a partnership with Loop Paint. Loop is the recycled paint brand of the waste paint collector and recycler Photech Environmental Solutions, located here in Ontario. They work with Stewardship Ontario and industrial partners to reduce and ultimately eliminate Ontario’s waste paint. As of the day I formed my relationship with Loop, I have been painting my new works of art with recycled and reclaimed paint whenever possible.

All of my frames and stretcher bars are handmade. There was a time in my career when I used to walk to the local art supply store and purchase them. As my client base increased, so did the number of canvases that I would need. The problem is, most if not all store bought canvases come shrink-wrapped in plastic. After unwrapping the last stack of canvases I purchased, I was left with a giant ball of plastic that would ultimately end up in a landfill. I felt environmentally irresponsible and told myself I’ll never do this again. Since that day I have been sourcing my own timber to build my stretcher bars, many of which are from discarded, trimmed wood pallets and table legs. Building my own canvases also gives each piece more character. Even if the painting is the same size and style as a previous piece I have done, it will always be different, right down to its frame. Customizable sizes are also a plus. Right down to a fraction of an inch.

I’m always open for conversation about my work. If you have read my bio to this point, please reach out to me. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,
Robert Slivchak


2014 – Solo Exhibition, C’est What, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Solo Exhibition, 81 Navy Wharf Court , Toronto, Canada
2014 – Group Exhibition, Canoe Landing Park , Toronto, Canada
2015 – Solo Exhibition, Black Sutherland LLP , Toronto, Canada
2016 – Group Exhibition, 39 Jarvis St., Toronto, Canada
2016 – Group Exhibition, 5 Hanna Gallery , Toronto, Canada
2016 – Present – Gallery Representation, Sybil Frank Gallery, Prince Edward County, Canada