Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth

Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth

Castillo de Locubin, Andalucía, Spain

About Scott Charles Leichhardt Hollingsworth

Abstract Pointlessism from a pointless abstractor

"I sometimes feel I have something to say, I never want to communicate this."

taking doodling seriously, since the get go.
Born under a bad sign, next to a world record slag heap, not far from where Paul Hogan would launch his famous larger than life aussie character onto the world stage in the first Crocodile Dundee movie, this escaped aussie, this nomad who never travels but who has never lived in the same town for any length of time, this layer of legends this miser this nob-end this shine on you crazy nightmare.
The man known as @spaingaroo and legend in his own lunchbox thinks he's so important that he gave up his life to hide away and paint until it means something.
It still seems to mean nothing, and the dogs seem pretty disappointed that we don't jet around the globe, taking in French poodles on the Champs Elisses, or at least riding through Paris in a sports car, with the warm wind in our hair.
At the age of twenty seven, he realised he needed to go to art college, with the warm self assurance of your normal child prodigy. Trouble was those years between said child prodigy and then. lost, lost, doing stupid things going to med school before flunking out in a championship way, to spend his time on wine women and song, before suddenly waking up as an artist again.
The system took him in again a decade later, against their better judgement, and ended up spitting him out with a BA in Visual Arts and a raging workaholism.
Ripe for rapid burnout after shooting for the stars, he instead got sidetracked by the wiff of a señorita and ended up deciding to take a leap off the edge of the known world and washed up in Spain.
Still here. Paints or draws or masturbates obsessively, every single day. Often puts a month or more of those days into a single small artwork. Considers himself completely insane, but somehow still basically high functioning.
Against all odds and inner turmoil he continues to surprise us at each turn, or at least the us that he imagines giving a shit. And not really surprise so much as pity.

He says his work is about the inside of his head, which there are no words for.
Even if sometimes the artwork is made of words, it's not, let me assure you.
Those words are not there, and they express nothing. And that's not as mad as it seems, as nothing is as it seems with this guy.
Not exactly the world's worst drawer but one of the best fixer uppers, or the biggest thing to happen to the art world since any one of those other tens of thousands of talents out there.
Or maybe just a guy who loves to suffer, and wants you to share that with him.
stuff is definitely getting darker, the walls are closing in. Hundreds of artworks remain to be uploaded. Have you ever noticed that one can't make artwork while one is one's own dealer, at least in the work?


Queensland University of Technology
BA Visual Arts

Griffith University, Queensland College of Art

Maroochydore State High School '83

Personal Art tuition from Buderim Artist Vincent Hesse for a couple of years.


every day is an event round here, and I mean that profoundly.


Solo Exhibitions

2015 ColourMeStupid, BART, Madrid, España
2013 Estamos Hechos de Polvos, Nando Argüelles Art Projects, Sotogrande, Cadiz, España
2012 Leaving Euro Vegas, no place like home productions, Madrid, España
2004 Estamos Hechos de Algo, Espacio Rita Luna, Madrid, España
1999 Spunk Mail, Smith and Stoneley on Stratton, Newstead ,QLD, Australia
1998 Old Money, New Money, Smith and Stoneley on Stratton
1996 Colonial Self, Zane’s Cafe, Metro Arts, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


2015 Cabalgando escaparates, Installation for Surge, teatro AZarte, calle San Marcos, Madrid, España
2015 Installation for Franqueados 0.15, Tienda Valle, calle San Bernardo, Madrid, España
2014 Installation for Franqueados 0.14, La Integral, calle del León, Madrid, España
2013 The Great Forgetting, Comestibles Valverde, Madrid, España
1998 Monument to a Spiral Kitty, Noosa, QLD, Australia
1998 16 Ways to Leave your Mother (There Must Be) Country, City Gallery, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
1997 Ocker’s Razor, Micro Space, Metro Arts,Brisbane, QLD, Australia
1996 The Conflict Between Social Activism and Romantic Individualism, Metro Arts,Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Of the Difference Between Criminals and Outlaws + Seven, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Morningside,QLD,Australia.
Aberrant Original / Abhorrent Unoriginal Memorial, Boggo Road Gaol, Annerley, QLD, Australia
1995 Breathing Space, Holy Trinity Church, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
1994 Fear and Loathing on Strawberry Fields, Queensland College of Art Gallery, Morningside, QLD, Australia
Untitled, Overells Lane, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
Cretaceous Desires, Magazine Space, the Pier at Waterfront Place, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


1998 Banks, a Special Place in our Hearts, City Gallery, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
On the Wings of an Angel ( or at least chatting to one), Process Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Cook, the Artistic Endeavour, City Gallery, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
1997 Artist as Stuporhero, City Gallery, Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Ocker’s Razor ( A Great Barry Crocker Paisley Razor Reef Production), Microspace, Metro Arts, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
1996 Agony ( not ) in the Garden, H- Block Gallery, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove, QLD, Australia
Imitation Motorcycles, Palace Gallery, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Which Machine Must be Plugged in to this Machine to Work, with Glen Henderson y others, Whitebox Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Group Exhibitions
2017 group show Nando Argüelles Art Projects, Algeciras España
2015 franqueados 0.15, Madrid, España
2014 Art = O2, Nando Arguelles Art Projects, Sotogrande, Cadiz, España
franqueados 0.14, Madrid, España
2013 JustMadrid, feria de arte, Madrid, España
franqueados 0.13, Madrid, España
SUMMA, feria de Arte, Madrid, España
Frailes Arte y Cultura, , Frailes, Jaén, España
2012 Timewave Zero, un tributo a Terence McKenna Espacio Valverde, Madrid, España
2007 The Textures of Time: Contemplations on Place, Memory and Identity Logan Art Gallery, QLD, Australia
2004 Premio Provincia de Guadalajara de Dibujo (Guadalajara Drawing Prize) 2004, Guadalajara, España
8º Certamen Gregorio Prieto, (8th Gregorio Prieto drawing prize) Valdepeñas, España
Premio SAEXMA (SAEXMA prize), Madrid, España
2002 Skwair, Modus Gallery, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
2001 Feria de Arte Contemporáneo (Blanes Contemporary Art Fair), Blanes, Cataluña, España
1999 Catalog Exhibition, Logan Art Gallery, Logan City, QLD, Australia
1998 Sculpture by the Sea, A Sea Change Event, Noosa, QLD, Australia
Revenge of the Doormats, Queensland College of Art Gallery, Morningside, QLD, Australia
Autograph, Smith and Stoneley on Stratton, Newstead, QLD, Australia
Churchie Emerging Art Award Exhibition, Anglican Church Grammar School, East Bri
2014/5/6/7 other group shows.
2013 solo expo "Estamos Hechos de Polvos" Nando Arguelles Art projects
2012 "Timewave Zero" Group show Espacio Valverde Madrid