Evgeniy Stasenko

Evgeniy Stasenko

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

About Evgeniy Stasenko

In my early creative years, I quite sincerely worked in a realistic style. I was bewitched and charmed by the mystery of the whole worlds being created or re-created on a canvas plane. But then I reached a saturation point. It turned into a crisis and I thought it was a dead-end. The only possible honest solution I saw was to accept the idea that my painting came to an end and that I had to live on engaging in something different.

So, I gave up, refused to paint for a while. This refusal resulted in the maturation of something completely new. At first, it didn't have either name or form. Ironically, a little later it turned out to be painting. But it was a new way, not mentioning it was a new style.

It was not about inventing or interpreting. The images were not created or re-created. They were coming by themselves, urging embodiment of maximum precision. The only possible thing to do was to let them be.

It's something like meditation, the concept of non-action. It includes avoiding interference. It doesn't imply immobility. It means rejection (becoming empty) of ambition, desire, personal motives, and in general, the identity concept and action as an effort. They say, only an empty flute can produce a sound. Thus, without an effort or will any action can take place naturally.

So to say, it was my creative birth. It happened in 1988, April, 30th. That was when the first painting in what now I call my style appeared.


1984 graduated from Moscow Pedagogical Institute (MGZPI), Fine & Graphic Art Department. My Thesis was Human Head Drawing Methodology.


– That time, that apartment – collective exhibition in Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

– Became part of 'Age of Quarantine' project by Snark.art.

– Artbox.Talent Show It! – Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

– Minimalia – Individual exhibition, FreeDa Space, Barcelona
– 1st International Contest Arte por un Plato de Habichuelas, Spain

– Art contest to 25th Anniversary of the Olympic Port of Barcelona, best graphic work
– Art Award Barcelona, shortlist

– Zooming – Individual exhibition, Espronceda, Barcelona

- Labyrinth Of The Contemporaneity, Moscow, Artplay

- Days Of Slavic Art In Berlin
- Tomodachi To Tomodachi To Tomodachi-Ten, Senjin-kan gallery, Niigata-city, Japan
- Individual Exhibition, Art residence Rodina
- Art International Zurich – 14th International Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland

- Skromnost’/Modesty, the Flacon Space, Moscow
- Three Muses Of Russian Painter: God, Women, Wine. Gallery on Vspolny, Moscow.
- Africa: New Wave 2011 Exhibition of African and Russian artists in the Black Dog gallery, Moscow.

- Exhibition project Labyrinth Of The Contemporaneity, part of project Unbearable Freedom Of Creativity, Moscow
- Exhibition at the Embassy of Ethiopia, Moscow.
- Art Manege 2010, 15th Art Manege Moscow Art Fair 2010 Moscow, Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

- Twenty Years Have Not Gone For Nothing – (With S.Safonov, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko) – Expo-88 gallery, Moscow
- Baumanskaya School Of Painting. The Late Twentieth Century … (With Dorodny Sergei, Kalyagin Nadezhda, Sergei Ovsyannikov, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagin, Alexander Shevchenko). Peterson gallery, Moscow

- Landscapes With Lonely Figures – Art-Center Fund, Moscow
- Koller Auction Russian Art, Zurich, Switzerland (catalogue)

- First Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, CEH Manezh, Moscow (catalogue)
- Maharajah’s Spase – Moscow House of Artists
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- Parallel Worlds – Individual exhibition with S.Peterson, S.Peterson gallery, Moscow

- Baumanskaja School Of Painting (With Dorodny Sergei, Kalyagin Nadezhda, Norshtein Boris, Sergei Ovsyannikov, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagin, Alexander Shevchenko) Moscow

- To Allow It To Be… – Individual exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow

- Ten Years Have Gone For Nothing – (With S.Safonov, V.Stain, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko) – Moscow

- Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow with I.Baldano – centre of culture “Colorit” Moscow
- Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow. with I.Baldano – Russian centre of culture, Budapest
- La Nouvelle Asie with I.Baldano – “Third Way” Moscow

- Die Kraft Der Stille. – Hildesheim State Art Museum, Germany (catalogue)
- Art-Kontor. – Contemporary Art Museum Frankfurt, Germany (catalogue)

- Individual exhibition with S.Peterson – 11, Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow

- Republican exhibition of the Union of Artists.- Manege, Moscow, Russia
- "Arbat 34" gallery, Moscow – S.Peterson, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko.
- To Save The Beauteousness Of The World – 12, Razina str., Moscow

- Stripe. B. Norshtein, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko. – Exhibition hall of State Economy Institute, Moscow, Russia
- La Tradition Russe auction in Paris.
- The 20-th Youth exhibition, Moscow
- The Mars gallery, Moscow
- Visit gallery, Moscow