Tommy Carlsson

Tommy Carlsson

Laholm, Sweden

About Tommy Carlsson

My paintings are placed in the borderlands between present (realism) and not present (the abstract).You might describe them, in way, as the interior and the exterior. The scenic is important; the colours' inherent force, the moments' performed light, the presence and the intensity. One part, a colour, meets another colour, and thus, creates form. The real observance is transposed, and you remember moments of colours and moments of lights.The working process alters the experienced moments. A painting should rest in its' birth process. What you cannot see today you may be able to see tomorrow. The truly difficult part is to stop the process at the right moment - then the current depictions' maximal assumption is achieved. The very same achievement is also the most important initial to proceed creation. With a mind open to the unknown and with a joy of the recognisable, the viewers participate in the process.If any one wonders why the predominant colour in my pictures is blue, I would reply that its most likely is because I fancy red.


FddBornUtbildningEducation1943 KristianstadHovedskou GteborgRepresenteradRepresentationKristianstad lns museum -Teckningsmuset LaholmStatens konstrd - Sveriges allmnna konstfreningLandsting - kommunala samlingar - konstfreningar - privata samlingar mm.Separatutstllningar (urval)Soloexhibitions(selected)SamlingsutstllningarGroup exhibitionsGalleri 54 Gteborg 1969Galleri Grna Paletten 1978-82Galleri H Stockholm 1984,93, 97Karlskoga Konsthall 1984Sdertlje Konsthall 1985Galleri Lucidor Stockholm 1987Galleri Konstnrscentrum Malm 1988-92Norrtlje konsthall -OBSERVERA- med Gunilla Wilhborg 1990Galleri Birgersson Halmstad 1990Kristianstads Lns museum 1993Mns museum Stege Danmark 1993Galleri Lorensberg Gteborg 1993Station Skelderhus Munkaljungby 1994Galleri Viktoria Halmstad 1995,,2000Galleri Flamingo Falkenberg 1998Nolhaga slott Alingss 1998-99 med Roland AndersonKungsbacka konsthall -Vitehall 1999 med Roland AndersonGalleri Sigma Vxsj 1999Limhamns konstfrening 2000Kulturhuset Borgen Gislaved 2001Sdertlje konsthall 2003Galleri Viktoria Halmstad 2003Unga tecknare - Nationalmuseum 1971, 73Hallndsk profil- Hradec KraloveTjeckoslovakien 1992Hallndsk profil- Sdertlje konsthall 1993Konstmssan Stockholm -ART FAIR -1994Gent Flanders expo 1996Glogw polen 1997-Sten vind vatten Muset i Varberg 1998 -terseende- Tomarps Kungsgrd Kvidinge 1998-Kontakt direkt- Olztyn Polen 1999Sweden House West Sweden Bryssel 2001Sweden made art Wetterlinf Teo Gallery Singapore 2004Offentliga uppdragCommissioned worksTallhjdens sjukhem Sdertlje 1988Munkedals hgstadieskola ( Sargasso) 1995Munkagrdsskolan Tvker (Vxande) 1995Laholms kommun (Landskap vid flod och hav) 1996Halmstad sjukhus (Flodland) 1999 SCHOLARSHIPS Sdertlje kommuns kulturpris 1973 Statens arbetsstipendium 1989 Hallands lns landstingsting kulturpris 1999 Laholms kommuns kulturpris 2002,