Vadim Shamanov

Vadim Shamanov

Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine

About Vadim Shamanov

Vadim Shamanov passed a difficult path to his vocation. Music helped him to hear and understand the painting. He began his professional career as a guitarist. He performed solo and with different teams. However, he quickly realized that the lifestyle of a musician --- endless trips, flights, and hotels - does not suit him at all.

At the same time, interest in the visual arts and painting began to prevail in childhood. So he found another way of self-expression and self-realization. I decided to master the science of painting, for which I went to study at the art studio of the Union of Artists of Ukraine without hesitation. The knowledge gained helped him to fully unleash his creative potential.

As a way of expressing, Vadim Shamanov chose an abstract painting, the expressive means of which allows the author to convey his creative ideas through the color and texture of oil paint, and the images created help the viewer to see his own inner world.
The artist has implemented a number of interesting and successful projects in Europe and Ukraine and is currently preparing new personal projects in Kyiv.
Elena Poskannaya, ukrainian art curator and journalist.


The National University of Culture and Arts
The artistic studio of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine
The First National school of the Television of Ukraine


- 2010 auction’s house «Epoch»
- 2011 charitable auction «Karnavalia»
- 2011 charitable auction «Sounds of quiet» for support children whith syndrome of autism


- October 2016
Participation in Contemporary Art Baden-Baden 2016, Germany

- January 2013
Centre Culturel de la Providence (Vieux-Nice).
Nice, Cote d’Azur, France

- 6th October 2011
participation in an exhibition on European summit «Eastern Partnership»
The Hague, Netherlands

- 22nd October 2011
“Form. Inside out”, an exhibition of the art group “Absinth reality”
Gallery «The House of Caviar Wine and Art Gallery».
The Hague, Netherlands

- May 2011
“Form. Inside out”, an exhibition of the art group “Absinth reality”
Gallery «WG Kunst»
Amsterdam, Netherlands

- April 2011
“Approximation. Kyiv - Munich” Part II, Kulturwerkstatt haus 10, Furstenfeldbruck, Germany

- September - October 2010 –
Exhibition of the art group “Absinth reality”
Literary and Memorial Museum A. Gren Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine.

- August - September 2010
Mironova Gallery, Hotel Hyatt
Kyiv, Ukraine

- July - August 2010
Exhibition of the art group “Absinth reality”
“Form. Inside out”
Gallery of Art support fund
Kyiv, Ukraine

- November 2010
participate art group “Absinth reality”
in Art fair "ART Kyiv Contemporary"
Kyiv, Ukraine

- March 2009
the first exhibition of the art group “Absinth reality”
Gallery of Art support fund
Kyiv, Ukraine

- 2003 Personal exhibition in a gallery "Steps on meeting". Ukraine, Kyiv.