Valeriya Khomar

Valeriya Khomar

Montreal, QC, Canada

About Valeriya Khomar

I describe my art as the reality of abstraction.


Born and got her art education in Kiev, Ukraine.
Presently Valeriya lives in Montreal, Canada, exhibiting in North America and Europe.


Represented by:
. Alexander Gallery, Artists' Exhibition, Brooklyn, USA


. AOE Gallery, Shenkman Art Centre, Solo Exhibition, Ottawa
. Biennale "Les créateurs de paix 2019", Montreal
. AAPARS, Exposition Concours Automnale, Saint-Bruno
. GAO, Galerie d'art d'Outremont, Montreal
. AAPARS, REMAX/ACTIF Espace Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Saint-Bruno
. Society of Art of Imagination, New York, US
. MainLine Gallery, Festival “Fringe”, Montreal
. Palm Art Award, Germany
. American Juried Art Salon, AJAS, 20th/21st International Art Show
. Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, Solo Exhibition, St.Leonard
. Biennale Chianciano
. Art Expo Toronto