Vera Komnig

Vera Komnig

Castrop-Rauxel, NRW, Germany

About Vera Komnig

Vera Komnig, born and living in Germany, is a professional artist / contemporary painter with worldwide sales and national and international exhibitions. ---

*She is specializes in expressive acrylic and oil paintings and represents the free gestural, minimalistic and informal painting.---

*Just as the way while walking arises she loves the conversion and the freedom to reinvent constantly her work and to discover ever new expressive possibilities like the moments in life are changing as well. ----

* She is a certified graphic designer and award winner: Federal award for outstanding artistic achievements ----

*For over thirty years represented national and international with plenty of solo and group exhibitions.----

*In the 1990s, she invented the so-called "Scripturas", a series of acrylic paintings with graphic elements from airbrush ink.----

"Knowing that I know nothing, everything is "counts" of a moment; always only now , always fresh, always new born."------ "There isn't a absolutely truth, there are only many different stories and as an artist I'm a storyteller " ------------------

"Colors love me. Brush too.

So it seems to me, since I painted the first image.

As if I were just the instrument through which brush and color express themselves. Quite „without me“.

---The first image was a black cat with four equally long legs side by side against a blue background. With crayons. I was four or five years old. And wondered what was happening through my hands.

---Painting is a bit like writing a diary: as a person with all the everyday nickeliness, you step aside and magic develops. And charms. Also me. Always new.

---If I succeed in bringing this magic into your life with my art, it will fill me with joy.
I think we all need more magic, more warmth and smile.“----

Vera Komnig


"Vera Komnig is able to tell stories with her paintings that I will never forget, and leave not be captured in words." Dr. Nora Scholz

"Vera Komnigs images open you the personal gateway to the" Eternal ".

They open your eyes to what is behind each expression by pleasantly reserved take in their truthfulness to a slight play of colors and a mirror in the clear depths of his own soul in this ease: in what carries everything "

Tobias Knittel, Farincourt / Haute-Marnet, France
TESTIMONIAL: written by Michael-

"Vera, your work never ceases to amaze me with its variety of tone and voice. You see things in the world none of us can quite put our finger on, or find the words for, but when we see your work, we say: Yes! That’s it exactly! There’s a whole vocabulary of life you remind us is quite real…



Born and living in Germany

Working as professionell Full Time Artist

Graduate Graphic-Designer

Master student from Professor Klaus Kirschner, Germany
Master student from Professor Pitt Moog, Germany


Dates: March 16, 2016 - March 20, 2016
Venue: Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27 20144 Milan

From Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th March 2016 (opening night on Wednesday 16th), a selection of 85 local, national and international galleries will present contemporary art works in the exceptional setting of SuperStudioPiu, Milan.

My art is represented by the *Galeria Gaudi* , Madrid, Spain:

JUNE 23, 2016:




Voerde ( Niederrhein)










Milan/ Italy
Barcelona/ Spain
Dubai/ UAE