Veronica Gonzalez Ugarte

Veronica Gonzalez Ugarte

Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

About Veronica Gonzalez Ugarte

Verónica González Ugarte
1973. Santiago, Chile
Veronica Gonzalez continues to develop her work with feathers. Real feathers and artificial feathers die-cut with laser, in tissues of fine silk fabrics, mounted on paper. Feathers are a part of the basic alphabet of the artists vocabulary ; they are simple forms -although only in appearance- with which the artist arms expressive surfaces in the manner of a visual pentagram. Another part of her language, uses uniform, abstract surfaces, worked manually or mechanized manner on different supports, particularly plastics, Hanji paper, and fabrics.
Important to emphasize once again the extreme care in the manufacture of these works. Every detail deserves all the attention and solvency of the artist in the handling of the very diverse procedures used: selection of materials and their suitability, dyes and colorations, textures, adhesives and stitching, cuts and slimmings, mounts on a rigid support, generally a frame with linen and silk paper; sometimes the wall directly, as supporting. The manipulation of die cuts of silks as compositional elements of new works. These perforated cloths generate a very light visual surface. They play the role of a strange grid where the voids are forms of feathers. The work is composed of an absence; it would seem the silence of the feathers, his silence and absence.


Bachelor of Plastic Arts. School of Architecture and
Fine Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Santiago, Chile.
Degree in Aesthetics. Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical
Catholic University of Chile. Santiago, Chile.


Individual expositions

November 2018: "Biomimesis". Sextante Gallery, Bogotá,
June 2018: "Biomimesis". University Extension Center
from Talca, Talca, Chile.
January 2018: "A single thread". Mixx Gallery, Telluride,
Colorado, USA.
May 2017: "Elementary Fibers". Artespacio Gallery,
Santiago, Chile.
April 2015: "Nature and Memory". Sextante Gallery,
Bogota Colombia.
October 2013: "Silk & Graphics". Artespacio Gallery,
Santiago, Chile.
October 2011: "Antipoda". La pared Gallery, Bogotá,
September 2010: "Entities". Artespacio Gallery.
Santiago, Chile.

Collective Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Biennials.

January 2020: It"s All Magic. Mixx Gallery, Telluride, Colorado, USA.
August 2019: Contemporary Art Market .Córdoba, Argentina.
July 2019: The Other Art Fair. London , England.
May 2019: Artbo/Weekend. Galería Sextante, Bogotá Colombia.
March 2019: "Latin American Fibers". Mercedes Benz
Center, Santiago, Chile.
February 2019: "Six hands". Otros 360 Grados Gallery,
Bogota Colombia.
November 2018: CHA.CO Fair. CHA.CO on the street.
Macarena Rivera Boutique intervention . Santiago, Chile.
October 2018: Biennial of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires,
February 2018: "Four hands”. Otros 360 Grados Gallery ,
Bogota Colombia.
October 2017: Art Fair CHA.CO. Santiago, Chile.
June 2017: "Beyond the lines". Mixx Gallery, Telluride,
Colorado, USA.
August 2016: "Second Nature". Mixx Gallery, Telluride,
Colorado, USA.
April 2016: Artlima art fair. Lima Peru
December 2015: "Spectrum" art fair, Miami, USA.
October 2015: "Sextante in Sextante". Sextante Gallery,
Bogota, Colombia.
April 2015: Artlima art fair. Lima Peru.
September 2013: Art Fair CHA.CO. Santiago, Chile