Catherine VILLA

Catherine VILLA


About Catherine VILLA

French Artist, I live and work just near Paris. If you come in France, I will be very happy and proud to show you my studio and artwork.
As far as I can remember, people interest me. Not only "people" but their history, their emotions, human behavior, HUMAN BEING and everything that happens between them and inside them. Psychologist, sculptor or painter, I always turn around this theme and it is really what underlies my artistic research.


Higher studies: Degree in child and adolescent psychopathology. She worked during 20 years with young adults who had lost their family and broken their roots.
From 1980 to 1996: Courses in art schools and in Liliane Simon’s workshop. The artist practiced watercolor techniques for more than 10 years.
In 2004, Enrolment at the ‘Maison des Artistes’.
After painting, since 5 years, Catherine sculpt bronze on bronze.
Her artwork can be found internationally. Her paintings and sculptures appear in private collections in united States, China, South Korea and Europe.


The artist was awarded: (Main Selections / Honors)

2007 - International Biennale of contemporary Art - Florence. Italy.
2007 - FIRST prize in the general council OF Yvelines - France
2005 – International Biennale of contemporary Art "MIAB"- MADERA . Portugal. France was represented by seven RECOGNIZED artists.
2006 - FIRST prize “Salon ARTS et ARTISTES” - Paris. FRANCE
2011 - Special HONORS at "Les couleurs de l'espace" - Toulouse. France
2011 - First PRIZE in the general council OF Meulan - France


MAIN Exhibitions since 2005 (extract)

Since 2015 - Represented in USA by Gingerbread Square Gallery. Key West. Florida.
Since 2015 - Represented by Dutch Luxury Design. The Netherlands.
Since 2015 - Represented by Gallery Velvenoir in Austria
2015 - International exhibition SPECTRUM Miami - Miami. USA.
2015 - International Exhibition Affordable Art Fair – Maastricht. The Netherlands.
2013 - International exhibition Gana Art Gallery - Seoul. South Korea.
2013 - “Lijn3” Gallery - Noord-Beveland -The Netherlands.
2013 - International Exhibition “Kunstschouw 2012”- Schouwen Duiveland. The Netherlands.
2012 - International Art Exhibition Event - Antwerpen. Belgium.
2012 - “De Marchi” Gallery - Bologna. Italy.
2010 - International exhibition SHANGHAIMART - Shanghai. CHINA.
2009 - International exhibition “Basel Selection Art Fair “ - Basel. Switzerland.
2008 - International Artfair - Guangzhou. China.
2006 - “October” Gallery - Geneva. Switzerland.

In France:
2015 - Permanently represented at "PasseArt" Gallery – Troyes.
- Korean Gallery - Paris.
- “Carré d’Arts Croisés” Gallery - Bergerac.
- Rotary Art Exhibitions - Paris
- "Salon des Beaux Arts" - Chatou / Paris.
- "Salon des Beaux Arts" - Honfleur.
- “Theater” Gallery - Tours.
- "Independent Artists" exhibition - Paris.
- "Art en Capital" - GRAND PALAIS - Paris.