Wietzie Gerber

Wietzie Gerber

Lorgues, VAR, France

About Wietzie Gerber

Wietzie views her subject as a landscape where nature move across the canvas in a flurry of activity, a myriad of small elements to create the bigger picture.

Wietzie paints in a loose gestural style with a painting knife and experiments with bold colours and strikingly unconventional compositions.

Her work can be found in private collections in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and South Africa.

She has exhibited in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and France.



Wietzie is a self taught artist, who finds inspiration in the works of JMW Turner and Vincent van Gogh. Turner for his use of colour and Van Gogh for his loose gestural painting style.

Wietzie has developed a unique painting knife technique which adds depth and texture to her paintings. She begins with a palette-knife underpainting that allows her to create a surface full of small stipples of paint. This decadent surface of textures brings her abstraction to life.


Valbonne, France, May 2019
Madrid, Spain, Galeria Gaudi, September 2018
Cannes, France, ART3F July 2018
Tourettes, France, June 2018
Vancouver, Canada, May 2018
Taradeau, France May- September 2017
Lorgues, France June 2016, YLIP Gallery
Bordeaux, France June -September 2015, Galeria
Vancouver, Canada July to September 2013