Antonio Wehrli

Antonio Wehrli

Schwanden GL, Glarus, Switzerland

About Antonio Wehrli

1980 born in Zurich, Switzerland
2002 studies on his own in experimental painting
2004 completed first artwork in his unique style
2005-07 Photographer on cruise ships
2007-09 Freelance Photographer and Artist, based
in Beijing, China
2009-11 Art Director and Auctioneer on cruise ships
2011-17 Artist, based at Blue Roof Artist Village,
Chengdu, China
2014 completed first artwork in his unique
2017-20 Artist, based at Luodai Ancient Town,
Chengdu, China
since 2020 Artist, based in Glarus, Switzerland and
Chengdu, China


Self taught with some classical artist's teachings, several art courses and lots of experimentation


2018 Car painting (Mini and BMW X5) at XLY MoMA, Chengdu, China
2018 "Art Match", Art Gogo, Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai, China
2018 participation at "The Big Draw", Chengdu, China
2017 Life painting at Armani Casa, Chengdu, China
2017 Life painting at Lumbini Buddhist University, Lumbini, Nepal
2016 Life painting with guitarrist Daniele Defranchis, Chengdu, China


Solo Exhibitions: (Selection)
2020 "Lebensfreude", Antonio Wehrli Art Space, Schwanden, Switzerland
2020 “Poetic Dreamland of China“, Fanmate Flying Cultural and Creative Park, Chengdu, China
2019 “Jiu Zhai Gou Image”, VA Gallery, Chengdu, China
2019 “Link France and India by Gravity”, Ahmedabad City Museum, Ahmedabad, India
2018 “Garden of the Artist”, VA Gallery, WFC, Chongqing, China
2018 “Centrifugal-Turn your life colorful”, Artgogo SPACE, Shanghai, China
2018 “Flow of Color-Antonio Wehrli discovers the world”, WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2018 “Dreamland China-Chongqing Image”, Galleria Marino, Rome, Italy
2018 “Dreamland China-Chongqing Image”, SCCC Headquarter, Zürich, Switzerland
2018 “Dreamland China-Chongqing Image”, City of Stars VA Art Center, Chongqing, China
2017 "Antonio Wehrli 2017 China Exhibition", Hong Kong VA Gallery, Chongqing, China
2016 "Enjoy the Flow", IFS L3, Chengdu, China
2015 "Gravity", WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2015 "Gravity - a symbol of peace", Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur, India
2014 "Unbearable Thickness", Galerie Europ'Art, Shanghai, China
2013 "A+A" XLY MoMA, Chengdu, China (Two Solos)
2012 "Structurism" XLY MoMA, Chengdu, China
2005 "Les Lausannois" Pole Sud, Lausanne, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions: (Selection)
2018 “Song of Silk road’s culture-travelling on the ancient silk string”, Qianshanyang Cultural Exchange Center, Huzhou, China
2018 “Stepping into a New Era”, Usunhome Lake Gallery, Chengdu, China
2018 Acadart Art Space, Pompidou Square, Paris, France
2017 "From Exterior of Xiang", Luxtown Chengdu, China
2017 "10000 Artists Exhibition", Art Gogo, Shanghai, China
2017 Art Numbers Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium
2017 "Blueroof Emerging Artist Village Games", WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2016 “Poetic Dream”, He Duoling and his friends, WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2016 “Ways of Seeing“, Phoenix Hanzhang Art Space, 798, Beijing, China
2016 Duyun Maojian Tea Festival, Duyun, Guizhou, China
2015 "Blooming in the Summer", Europ'Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014 Wu Yi Wu International Gallery, Chengdu, China
2014 IFS & Chengdu
2013 Da Tang Annual Art Exhibition at Winshare Museum, Chengdu, China
2013 "Blue Roof Art Festival" at Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu, Chengdu, China
2012 "To be or not to be" at Da Yishu Gallery, Chengdu, China
2012 "International Art Residence Exhibition No 1" at Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu, China

Curatorial: (Selection)
2017 "Blueroof Emerging Artist Village Games", WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2017 "Five Ink Artists", WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2016 "All Is One", Chengdu International Art Exhibition, WM Gallery, Chengdu, China
2016 "Chengdu International Art Invitational", WM Gallery, Chengdu, China

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