Abdelrahman Shamieh

Abdelrahman Shamieh

Dubai, GCC, United Arab Emirates


Born in Aleppo-Syria in (1952), Abdelrahman graduated from the University of Textile Chemistry Technology with major in Dyeing, Printing & Finishing in (1979) Romania.
While at high school, he also studied fine arts at Fathy Mohamed’s Fine art Center in (1969).


Abdelrahman has participated in collective exhibitions at National Museum of Aleppo-Syria (1969 & 1970) and at Agricultural Industrial Exhibition Aleppo-Syria (1970) and the Cultural Center Iasi-Romania (1975) and the Cultural Center Bucharest-Romania (1975), World Art Dubai (2018),(2019). Art Smiley , at Double Tree bay Hilton Dubai 27 th Dicember until 23 January 2020,also in solo exhibitions in Rome-Italy & Iasi-Romania (1976).
Abdelrahman owned his own Textile Dyeing Factory until (2012) when he moved to Romania to dedicate himself again to painting, recently he is living in Dubai, UAE