Alfred Rasho

Alfred Rasho

Madison, WI, United States

About Alfred Rasho

I do not know why we are receptive to certain influences, I do know that the magic of that first photographic image, appearing out of nowhere in a bath of chemicals has never left me.
As a very young photographer, my subject was the city of Chicago. The cold bundled up faces on a blustery winter day. The tired and strained bodies of workers rushing to catch their bus or packing themselves onto a subway car.
In the darkroom I printed high contrast to reveal a harder and more edgy look. In retrospect, I see how I have mellowed over the years and the isolation that I felt in a crowded city has been replaced by serenity, still isolated, but serene. Not hard edged, not just black and white, but with shades of color.
I think that is the beauty of making art, growth and self-discovery.
“A picture is a poem without words”
Horace, Roman poet


MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
B.A. Columbia College
A.A. The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts


In my 30 plus years as filmmaker, I produced scores of documentaries and educational films including a 32 part series on the human life-span (from birth through death).I have been honored with many awards including 2 Emmy Awards and Chicago International Film Festival in the area of Cinematography.
I now devote my creative energy to photography.