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Marble Surfer thumb

Marble Surfer

Sculpture143.7 W x 11.8 H x 27.6 D in

Alexander with 4 Eyes thumb

Alexander with 4 Eyes

Sculpture3.9 W x 6.3 H x 4.7 D in

Miss Hercules thumb

Miss Hercules

Sculpture3.5 W x 9.1 H x 1.6 D in

Bukake Boy thumb

Bukake Boy

Sculpture4.3 W x 6.3 H x 2.8 D in

Bukake Girl thumb

Bukake Girl

Sculpture5.1 W x 5.9 H x 3.1 D in

Venus with a Turban thumb

Venus with a Turban

Sculpture2.4 W x 7.1 H x 2 D in

Sticky Veil thumb

Sticky Veil

Sculpture3.1 W x 5.9 H x 2 D in

Speechless thumb


Sculpture3.9 W x 7.9 H x 4.7 D in

Guantanamo Baby thumb

Guantanamo Baby

Sculpture7.9 W x 4.7 H x 2 D in

MR NIKE thumb


Sculpture4.7 W x 8.3 H x 4.3 D in

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