joseph silcott

joseph silcott

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

About joseph silcott

I am a London-based artist and inspiration for my recent work comes primarily from nature, and in particular butterflies, moths and the folklore and mythology surrounding these specific insects to produce work with a narrative quality. I like the school of thought that butterflies represent the soul. I tend to work in series and draw inspiration from classical and popular music, fashion and graphic signs and symbols. I am also influenced by the Victorian obsession of collecting, preserving and presenting insects in boxes.

My butterflies are created from a variety of papers and each butterfly is individually and painstakingly hand cut to create unique works of art. As well as their obvious natural beauty, I agree with the Eastern belief of butterflies as bringers of joy and the essence of happiness.

My work has been purchased for many private collections in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Brazil. It can also be found in two public collections.


I studied at Liverpool Art School and then undertook Post-Graduate Study at St Martin's School of Art in London. I also hold a teaching certificate in art and design.


I have been exhibiting in one person and group shows since the 1980s. Recent exhibitions include -

Art For The Heart, Cambridge Contemporary Art
Summer Show, Cambridge Contemporary Art
Spotlight, Rowley Gallery