Maloles Rubio

Maloles Rubio

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

About Maloles Rubio

Since I put to one side landscape painting “sur le motif” and became interested in nearby subjects, my technique became more complicated, the result being more colorful and vital with drawing and collage involved together with a very personal approach.
As I am a bit Jekyll and Hide, this is reflected in my pieces which conveys cold and warmth, line and stain, order and chaos and in a more philosophical sense, open and closed, tension and balance, good and evil.
My interiors are often open to the outer space. Through these openings I want to escape and also have the freedom to get back to the shelter of my routine.
My gardens and patios are a place of rest and silence to think and relax. They always suggest holidays, never imprisonment. They also hint at things which are difficult to notice at first sight, being practically invisible.
Because I am a person full of doubts, I feel attracted to the reflexes vertigo: that magic when you are not sure whether you are on top or below, left or right, truth or illusion as when you look at yourself in a mirror.
In my work, there is always a contemplating cat, maybe it´s me. I admit that the practice of art looks more like a play as days go by and that I feel deeply moved by a certain shade of blue, probably because when I was a little girl I used to collect blue crystal stones which had been washed up on the shore.


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