Ricardo Bitran

Ricardo Bitran

Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

About Ricardo Bitran

My visual imagery is populated by detailed landscapes, dream-like situations, natural objects, colorful abstractions, unknown characters, and distant relatives.
In an attempt to portray the world that surrounds me, my practice can be defined as a personal rendering, through painting and drawing, of people, objects, and landscapes as sensitive entities. Rather than presenting a factual reality, I fabricate illusions to conjure the realms of my imagination.
The practice and exercise of drawing and painting as crafts have derived in the creation of broad visual vocabulary that allows me to conquer the models in their uniqueness.
The pieces are aesthetically independent and thematically interrelated material forms of memory and projection: painting and drawing are a way of naming and capturing the images that flood my human experience.


Studied Art at the Catholic University of Chile and at the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Additionally, he followed the Fine Arts Studio Mentorship by artist Eugenio Dittborn and a Painting Mentorship by artist Eduardo Garreaud.


Work in private collections in Chile, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Portugal and Lebanon.

2008. Third Prize Contemporary Art Painting Salon, National Society of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile.

2004. First Prize Art Contest Bank Boston , Santiago, Chile.

2000. First Prize Pastel Category, National Society of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile.

1999. Second Prize, Watercolor Category, National Society of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile.

1992. First prize Artists ' Guild Holliston, Massachusetts.

1981. Work selected at the National Biennial of the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago.


2019. "Recorridos" Solos show at Ñuñoa Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile.

2017. "Souls" Solo show at Comunidad Israelita de Santiago, Chile.

2016. "Monoliths" at the CCU Art Gallery in Santiago.

2011. "Recent Work by Ricardo Bitran" at Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank . Washington, D.C., U.S.

2009. "From Bucharest to Talca" at Las Condes Cultural Corporation, Santiago, Chile.

1991. Current Work by Ricardo Bitran. Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

1986. "Ricardo Bitran Chilean Artist" at Harvard Coop. Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.