Nikos Mantziaris

Nikos Mantziaris

Aalborg, Nordjylland, Denmark

About Nikos Mantziaris


When I begin a new work of art, I am at peace. My ideas are not so much premeditated but rather led within each moment. I will think on a subject that is important to me for some time but it is within the moment of creation that the idea truly unfolds into something bigger. As a commentary on critical social issues, my work is intended to invoke conversation and a deeper exploration of their very existence and their ongoing effects on the world around us.
These topics may include mental health, warfare, food & health, immigration, drug addiction or environmental destruction. I may also reflect on topics such as love, music and the struggles of life and transitions. My work examines the intricate details of each issue and the cyclical, hypocritical nature of our society at large. Each piece is very specific and has an expanded meaning and a deeper message. Every detail you see adds to that overall message.

My belief is that you can like something that looks beautiful but you can only love something that means something deeper to you and emotionally touches you. It is at this moment when the artist and the viewer can walk through the same thought patterns.

When I am deciding on a piece and the materials to use, it is serendipitous and is connected only to the moment of creation. I believe that each technique and each material has a right place and a right time and each one becomes the bridge that allows me to express my thoughts in a unique and creative way.


Self taught



Exhibitions:USA – Michigan, The ArtPrize 10, City Hall venue, Group Exhibition, 19 Sept- 7 Oct 2018
UK – London, Victoria House, The Other Art Fair, Powered by Saatchi Gallery, Group Exhibition, 4-7 Oct 2018

ITALY – Lavagna, Group Exhibition Titled : Egosophy, Contemporary Art Observatorium, 4-21 October 2018

Publications:Altiba Mag, edition 01 ,April 2018
Aesthetica Mag, issue 83, Jun/July 2018
ArtReveal Mag, issue 40