Angeles Ceruti

Angeles Ceruti

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Angeles Ceruti

Lives and resides in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
She is a visual artist, Professor of Drawing-Painting, audiovisual producer and Bachelor of Communication Sciences (UBA).
She has been working in the audiovisual field for more than twenty years, carrying out important cultural projects.
Her artistic training has also been developed, together with several teachers, including Sergio Bazán and the Art Clinics of Marcelo Pellisier and Lucas Marín.

Some of her works are part of private collections in Asia, Latin America and Buenos Aires.


Communication Sciences University of Buenos Aires, Argentina


Metalúrgica & Natura-Centro Municipal de Arte de avellanerda (CMA) 2020
Lunática - Paseo de las Artes - 2020
“Metalúrgica y Natura” - La Isla Casa Cultural, La Paternal- 2019
“Toda la verdad” - Buddha - Cañitas CABA- 2018
Hospital Rivadavia -Noche de los Museos 2016, 2017, 2018 y 2019
La Noche de los Museos, Facultad de Derecho UBA, 2017/2018
Galería Giachetti – 2016, 2017, 2018.
“Homenaje a Xul Solar” Facultad de Derecho UBA 2017