Charl Best

Charl Best

Stellenbosch, western cape, South Africa

About Charl Best

Charl Best, founder and head at Sips, studied art in Worcester and at the University of Stellenbosch. He obtained a business management diploma. He worked at Media 24 and Perskor as a photographer and journalist. Charl did applied scientific photography at the council for scientific and industrial research in Stellenbosch and specialised in oceanology, chronocycle, aerial and ultraviolet photography.

He had over 15 one-man photography exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

In 1984 Charl founded Starlight Studios and Best Models, which are still operating to date. He founded the Stellenbosch Institute of Photography & Multimedia Studies (Sips). in 1996, and to date principal of these multi media institution.His photographs appeared in leading newspapers and international magazines. He have experience of over 28 years in photography, which includes press and magazine photography, scientific, documentary, commercial, advertising, fashion, landscape, wedding and art photography.

Charl is also a prominent producer and have made numerous movies and also teaches video production at SIPS. He is a noted educator, photographer, scuba diver, yachtsman and pilot. He regularly takes his students and members of the public, who are keen on both traveling and photography, on guided photographic tours to Thailand, Mozambique, Greece and Turkey.