Lenie Kamstra

Lenie Kamstra

Hillegom, Nederland, Netherlands

About Lenie Kamstra

My name is Lenie Kamstra. I was born in Hillegom, nearby Haarlem. Different cultures, music and powerful women inspire me. Actually I paint my longing for a heavenly world, a place where I would like to be.
I’ve been working as a professional artist and art teacher since 1990.
My connection with nature, animals and the subconscious are returning themes. I often work on multiple series at the same time.

Colour plays an important role in both my art and my life. In my paintings I’m constantly searching for new combinations and shades. Applying them in many layers to create depth. I use colours to create the right expression for the painting. Sometimes the result is poetic and stilled, another time expressive and powerful.

I start with an idea, a plan, but during the process of painting spontaneity takes over. I like to experiment with different materials and techniques. The Wild Flowers series e.g. is painted with acrylics and spray-paint, using flowers, leaves and branches from my garden as a template. Because of the templates the bottom layers stay visible and become the subject.
In the Hidden in clay series I printed berries, flowers and branches in clay, painted them with acrylic and finished the tiles with art resin. I like to use materials and techniques in an unusual way to obtain a gripping result. Sometimes I use art resin and gels in my paintings, not only on top of the painting, but also in between layers of colour, thereby creating depth and transparency.


June 16 - august 25 Museum Opsterland Friesland: Exhibition 'Happy Bee Landscapes' with two paintings of my Wild Flowers series. See: www.museumopsterlan.nl

November 1 - november 6 Archeologisch Museum Haarlem at Kunstroute Haarlem. Solo exhibition 'Delfts Blue'.


Lenie Kamstra has received commissions to make large artworks for various hospices and companies. Her work is exhibited on renowned Art Fairs, in various galleries and in some musea. Her paintings and wood sculptures are part of art collections of business organisations and in the private sector in the Netherlands and abroad.


Museum Opsterland Friesland Happy Bee Landscapes
Vijfhoek kunstroute Haarlem
Archeologisch museum Haarlem at Kunstroute Haarlem

Toddeties Gallery Amsterdam
Archeologisch museum Haarlem at Kunstlijn Haarlem
Flower Art Museum Aalsmeer
Open studio at Nationale Kunstweek Nederland
Galerie Sous Terre Aalsmeer
Galerie Leidse Lente Leiden

Kunstlijn Haarlem
Galerie Leidse Lente, 3 x group exhibition
Kunstroute Leiden at Galerie Leidse Lente

Galerie Année Haarlem, summer exhibition
Galerie Année Haarlem, 2x group exhibition
Kunstlijn Haarlem

Sieboldhuis Japanmuseum Leiden, Exhibition 'Four Seasons'
Buitenplaats Beeckestijn Velsen-Zuid, Exhibition ‘Our Trees’
Galerie Année Haarlem Group exhibition
Galerie Année Haarlem Summer exhibition
Kunstroute Hillegom

Galerie Année Haarlem
Galerie & Beeldentuin Dehullu Gees
Open Art Fair Utrecht
KunstRai Amsterdam
Cabalus Vézelay Frankrijk
Kunsthuis Secretarie Meppel
Prima Vera Kunstbeurs Rotterdam
Galerie Vromans Amsterdam
Kunstmoment Diepenheim
Galerie Sous Terre Lithoijen
Buitenplaats Beeckestijn Velsen- Zuid
Galerie Oost, Hoorn
Galerij Esra I Antwerpen
Zürich gebouw Den Haag
Galerie Hamer Amsterdam
Provinciehuis Haarlem

Allianz verzekeringsmaatschappij: various screen printing and artworks
Johannes Hospice, Wilnis: large artworks
Reigersdaal, wooncentrum Heerhugowaard: large wooden triptych for church hall
Nieuw Unicum, wooncentrum Zandvoort: large artwork for stiltecentrum
Hannie Schaft Kinderdagverblijf, Haarlem: large mural
SVLG, wooncentrum Purmerend: art project, workshops and artworks